Financially Protecting Your Travel Plans

How have you booked your holiday this year? Have you booked it independently, arranging all the different elements yourself, such as flights, hotel and transfers separately? Or have you gone down the more traditional route and booked with an agent or operator? Whichever way you book your holiday, you need to ensure your travel plans are financially protected.

Many of us have forgotten that a few years ago numerous tour operators and airlines went bust – stranding hundreds and thousands of UK passengers across the Globe. To ensure complete peace of mind when booking your travel you should financially protect your holiday.

This week ABTA is launching their ‘worry free holiday’ campaign just as the peak holiday season kicks off.

The campaign brings to light the importance of booking your holiday plans with an ABTA approved supplier, by looking for the ABTA logo and highlights the benefits ABTA security brings.

Booking with an ABTA registered travel agent will mean your holiday is fully protected should the worst happen.

But there are also other safeguards when looking to financially protect your holiday:

  • Book with an ATOL registered tour operator – again, ATOL backing will make sure your holiday is fully protected, ensuring a full refund should the operator go bust before your travel, or if you are away, given assistance to return home.
  • Use your credit card – consider booking your travel arrangements, especially if independently and not via an agent or operator, on your credit card. Providers such as Mastercard and Visa card will protect your cash should the company you have booked your travel through go bust. Whilst reimbursement might not be instant it will be guaranteed. However, you will be charged a standard rate of 2.5% of the total cost of your booking to pay using your credit card, but arguably a small price to pay to ensure financially protecting your flight, hotel or transfer bookings that might not carry the ABTA and ATOL protection.
  • Quality travel insurance – take out a travel insurance policy to protect you against any worst case scenarios too – check the level of cover regarding the cancellation and curtailment section of the policy ensuring refunds prior to travel and help back to the UK.

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