Record-breaking October at Gatwick

Gatwick Airport is heading for three years of consecutive passenger growth.

The airport’s busiest October ever saw more than 3.6 million passengers pass through the airport, a 7.8% increase on October 2014 (262,600 extra passengers), and the airport’s 32nd month of consecutive growth.

Contributing to the increase were a 12.3% increase in passengers travelling on routes to Ireland, a 13.5% increase in passengers to Europe, and an 8.5% increase in North Atlantic passengers.

In a rolling 12-month period (November 2014 – October 2015), the airport handled 39,969,100 passengers – a 5.7% increase on the previous 12 months. However, moving the 12-month period end to the past weekend, the airport claims to have broken the 40-million-passenger-a-year mark for the first time – nine years ahead of predictions!

Commenting on the 40-miion passengers per year, Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO, said, “To reach 40 million passengers a year is a tremendous achievement and sets a global benchmark for a single runway airport.  We have grown rapidly under new ownership and the benefits of competition are clear for passengers – more choice, higher standards and lower fares. It will not be long however before we are full. That is why Gatwick needs a second runway.”

Gatwick sees 27 consecutive months of passenger growth

“Choosing airport competition over monopoly is the only answer that is right for the whole of the UK.” That’s the view of Gatwick CEO, Stewart Wingate, speaking as the latest Gatwick passenger numbers were released.

“Expanding Gatwick would enhance competition, meaning Gatwick grows, Heathrow improves, and every part of the UK benefits from a stronger network of competing airports providing passengers more choice, higher standards and lower fares”.

And airport competition seems to be working, for Gatwick at least.

Since the airport was purchased from BAA in 2009, annual passenger numbers have grown by 8 million!

In fact, the airport has witnessed 27 months of consecutive passenger growth.

Figures just released show that Gatwick handled 3.6 million passengers in May, an increase of 5.8% (199,000 passengers) on the May 2014.

Contributing to the growth in numbers were a 17.6% increase in North Atlantic passengers, and a 10.3% increase in passengers travelling to Ireland, while load factors remained strong at 84.2%.

In a rolling 12-month period (June 2014 – May 2015), passenger numbers are up 6.5% on the previous 12 months, taking the total number of passengers to almost 39 million.

With significant passenger growth at Gatwick, there certainly seems to be the demand for a second runway, however, we’ll have to wait and see what recommendations the Airports Commission makes. But that won’t be the end, we’ll still have to wait for the Government to make a decision, and no doubt, whatever decision is made, they’ll still be years of legal wrangling and challenges.

What do you think? Which airport should get the next runway?

Gatwick sees 26 consecutive months of passenger growth

More than two consecutive years of passenger growth at Gatwick surely signals that the airport justifies a second runway?

Figures just released show that almost 3.2 million passengers passed through Gatwick in April making it the 26th consecutive month of passenger growth, and the busiest April in the airport’s history.

Although, overall, passenger numbers were up just 0.6% on April 2014, largely due to the fact that the Easter break fell across March and April, the number of North Atlantic passengers rose by 8.2% compared with April 2014. Passenger traffic to Ireland increased by 4.9%.

In a rolling 12-month period (May ’14 to April) passenger numbers rose to 38,684,600, a 6.5% increase when compared to the previous 12-month period.

Referring to the increase in passengers, Gatwick Airport’s Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate said: “Our record run of growth proves yet again the benefit of having a network of competing airports in the South East. However investment can only take us so far with our growth strategy.

“Now is the time for a final decision on extra runway capacity. Decades of debate must now turn to action. The fact remains, a new runway at Gatwick can be delivered quicker, cheaper, more simply and at a fraction of the overwhelming environmental costs that face Heathrow.”

Gatwick passenger numbers continue to grow

The number of passengers flying from Gatwick Airport is continuing to grow.

Figures just released by the airport show that the airport saw more than 2.4 million passengers pass through Gatwick in November – an increase of 5.8%, and the 21st month of consecutive growth.

Thanks to the airport’s ACDM-55 accreditation (Airport Collaborative Decision Making), Gatwick is now capable of handling 55 runway movements per hour. This process enabled Gatwick to handle an extra 168 flights in November, compared to November 2013.

The main destinations contributing to the passenger growth were: North Atlantic, which saw a 21.9% increase, European scheduled, which saw a 8% rise in numbers and other long-haul destinations, which saw a 6.6% rise.

In a rolling 12-month period (December 2013 to November 2014) passenger numbers were up 7.4% on the previous 12-month period – European scheduled and other long haul have seen the largest increases – 12% and 11.5% respectively.

The increase in passengers further supports Gatwick’s case for a second runway and Nick Dunn, Gatwick’s Chief Financial Officer, said: “Twenty-one months of growth across a range of airlines and destinations is another telling reminder of the benefits of greater competition between London airports. Being accredited for our efforts to create a more efficient runway is also a significant milestone for Gatwick.

“But greater competition and efficiency can only take us so far and with Gatwick already unable to meet demand across much of the year, we are fast approaching full capacity.

“Gatwick is the only airport that presents both a clear need for more capacity and a clear plan for a new runway that can actually be delivered. As we approach a crucial year in the expansion debate, Gatwick remains the obvious and only deliverable solution to meet the UK’s needs.”

Gatwick sees 15.4% increase in April passenger numbers

A late Easter helped to contribute to a very successful April for Gatwick Airport.

Figures just released show that the airport saw a massive 15.4% increase in passenger numbers in April when compared with April 2013.

A total of 3,157,600 people passed through the airport’s two terminals in April, an increase of 421,000 on the previous April.

Although a significant number of these passengers were due to Easter falling in April this year, new flights to key business locations also contributed to the increased numbers.

The biggest increase in passenger numbers was on European scheduled services, which saw a 20.8% increase on last April, while European charter numbers were up 14.1%.

In a rolling 12-month period (May ’13 to April ’14) passenger numbers increased by 5.9% compared with the previous 12-month period (May ’12 to April ’13)

CEO of Gatwick Airport, Stewart Wingate, said of the increase, “The fundamental reason for Gatwick’s significant growth in April is its ability to support a mix of airline models – low cost, charter and full service. No other airport in London can do this.

“From easyJet’s new European business routes, to Thomson’s Dreamliner services and British Airways adding new long haul aircraft here, Gatwick is delivering. All airlines can grow here and that means passengers ultimately enjoy more choice and affordable fares. It’s obvious that Gatwick can best meet the demands of the London aviation market and is best-placed for expansion. Gatwick needs to have a second runway.”