Police investigates Gatwick Sky Parking

Sussex Police is investigating yet another non-approved Gatwick meet and greet parking company following complaints of damage to customers’ cars, the BBC reports.

Many customers of Gatwick Sky Parking, who reported deep scratches and vehicles covered in mud, have been left facing bills totaling thousands of pounds to repair.

On its website, Gatwick Sky Parking offers to “take the hassle out of airport parking by meeting you at the airport and parking your car safely and securely for you” in its “secure compound”

However, Ian Mullen would disagree. He said work to repair the scratches would cost £7,000 and that both back doors and the driver’s seat was “caked in mud”. He told the BBC: “I’m almost certain it was not parked in a secure environment like they say it was with CCTV cameras etc., and I also have some deep suspicions it had been used by individuals.”

When Mr Mullen contacted me, he told me “42 cars were vandalised in a field behind a derelict pub mine being one of them. They told me they had obtained a crime Id. This was a lie. When I called Sussex police they had no reported crime.”

Another customer, Mirriam Nichols, said she faced a repair bill of more than £2,000 with four scratches on the bonnet.

Yet another customer who contacted Gatwick Blog, Shirley, said: “My vehicle is scratched all over and needs the passenger door repainted because of masses of scratches, along with the bonnet, also door window needs replacing because it us scratched to bits. The cost of repairs in excess of £600.”

Shirley, who booked her parking through the Mobit website, said of the site: “ It looks excellent and the description of service provided looked perfectly ok. I have used meet and greet many times and have never had this problem.”

When the BBC contacted Gatwick Airport about the issues with Gatwick Sky Parking, it said: “it had no relationship with Gatwick Sky Parking, the company was not part of its Approved Operator Scheme and it was therefore unable to comment further.”

While it’s too late to help Gatwick Sky Parking customers, anyone travelling from Gawick and wanting to book Gatwick meet and greet parking, should always use a Gatwick Approved Operator.

Gatwick Airport does have a list of approved operators, however, it isn’t easy to find – you’ll find the list here: www.gatwickairport.com/parking/other-parking-options/Operator-Scheme/

There are currently 12 Approved Operators, listed below:

  • ABC Gatwick
  • Airparks
  • Airport Parking & Hotels (APH)
  • Cophall Parking
  • ECO Parking
  • Help Me Park
  • I Love Meet & Greet
  • Just Valet Parking
  • Maple Manor
  • Meteor Meet & Greet
  • Ace Meet & Greet
  • Tudor Rose

For more information on the Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme check out one of our previous posts: 4-quick-tips-to-help-you-spot-a-reliable-gatwick-meet-and-greet-parking-company