Gatwick meet and greet company abandons customer’s car in short-stay car park

A Gatwick holidaymaker has been left out of pocket after booking her meet and greet parking with a non-approved operator, the Crawley News reports.

Liz Hosford booked eight days’ parking with Air Fly Limited at a cost of £44, however, the company failed to honour its contract. Instead of taking the car to the “secure off-airport car park” that the company promised, it abandoned her car in one of Gatwick’s short-stay car parks, racking up a potential bill of £400.

Miss Hosford’s ordeal started at the beginning of her holiday when she had to wait more than an hour for her car to be collected, telling the Crawley News that: “As asked, we called 20 minutes ahead of our arrival but when we got to the orange short-stay car park there was nobody from the company in sight. There were about another five families waiting to pick up or drop off their cars. One group had been waiting for eight hours.

“In less than an hour we called Air Fly Limited 53 times to find out what was going on.” Eventually, the car was collected.

On her return from holiday, Miss Hosford’s car wasn’t returned to her and, after attempting to contact the company 47 times, her car was spotted in the short-stay car park but, without her key, she was unable to gain access to the vehicle.

Miss Hosford was forced to get a taxi home – another £65 on top of the cost of the initial booking – and then later visited the company’s office to collect her car keys.

Fortunately, Gatwick Airport waived the £400 short-stay parking fee, otherwise, what initially looked like a cheap week’s parking could have cost £509!

Don’t get stung when booking Gatwick meet and greet parking, always use a Gatwick Approved Operator, a list of which can be found here: