Oyster Card use soars at Gatwick

Oyster card

Oyster and contactless payments have been a welcome addition to Gatwick travel if passenger numbers are anything to go by.

More than 180,000 passengers have already taken the option to pay for their rail travel by Oyster or contactless payment since the technology was introduced at Gatwick Station on Monday 11 January 2016.

In the first week of its introduction, 11,581 people used Oyster to pay for their travel to Gatwick; in the seventh week this had almost doubled to 22,202. In the first week, contactless cards were used to pay for 6,482 trips, in the seventh week this too had almost doubled to 12,699.

I’m a convert to the Oyster card – in addition to how easy it is to travel using the Oyster card, it’s also significantly cheaper! Just £8 per trip to London.

If you’re flying into Gatwick, just pick up a Oyster Card at the ticket office at the station. Cards are pre loaded with £15 or £30 worth of travel, cards cost £3.

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