How to get to Gatwick – new videos published

Often it’s the simple things that are overlooked when booking a holiday.

We’re so excited about our holiday that we focus on what we need for it, such as new clothes, passport, foreign currency, and yet, we forget about the simple things like getting directions to the airport.

One Gatwick parking company has addressed this issue and released a series of videos that include how to get to the airport.

Help Me Park, a Gatwick Approved Operators for meet and greet parking, recently uploaded a series of videos covering all aspects of its service, from the security of its car parks, how meet and greet parking works and also two videos that explain how to get to Gatwick’s North and South terminals.

At less than two minutes long, each video clearly shows the approach to Gatwick from the M23, along the Gatwick spur road, and then from the roundabouts to it’s Gatwick North Terminal pick-up and return spot, and also its South Terminal collection and return zone.

Don’t forget, only Gatwick Approved Operators are permitted to collect and return vehicles on the terminal forecourts. All other non-approved operators must meet and greet in the airport’s car parks.

All Help Me Park’s videos can be viewed on its website or via Help Me Park’s YouTube channel.

You can also find the videos here:

Take a look!


  1. Isabella Potts says:

    This is really a informative video.

    Every one have a budget. You can takes taxi or public bus as your budget permit to go to Gatwick Airport.

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