Gatwick Express offers free music to enhance journey

Gatwick Express launches free music with Benga, The Milk & Philip Sheppard

Gatwick Express has launched Express Tracks: free bespoke music available exclusively to online customers, providing the perfect soundtrack to their journey.

Gatwick Express commissioned three recording artists: Philip Sheppard [acclaimed ‘cellist and film composer], Benga [pioneer of dubstep, producer and Radio1 DJ]and The Milk [exciting break-through UK band] to record their interpretation of the 30 minute journey through the different landscapes from the city to the airport.

Philip explains: “To be able to use the uniquely visual story of a train journey as inspiration for a 30 minute track really appealed to me as an artist. I have appreciated the romance of rail ever since I first saw the famous Night Mail documentary. Creating the inaugural track for the Express Tracks project also allowed me to explore how changing scenery can alter travellers’ emotions and I used the departure, the cityscape, the suburbs and the anticipation of arrival as focal points in the music.”

Benga said of the project: “I was more than happy when I was asked to be involved in this project, it’s something new to me and I enjoy covering new ground. I use the Gatwick Express all the time living South of London so it’s going to be good seeing my face everywhere! It’s going to be up just in time for the Olympics as well so more passengers. I hope everyone on board likes what I’ve done with the track.”

The Milk, a new signing to Sony in 2011, were similarly inspired: “When we were originally approached to do the project, it took a while to get our heads around composing something that was 32 minutes. We sat around and jammed together for a few days, and we were really pleased with what came out of that.”

Customers will be able to download a track free only when they buy their tickets online from Once downloaded the customer can then transfer the track to their mobile device, put on their headphones and simply press play as the train leaves Victoria Station. The music provides a dynamic soundtrack to the changing landscape.

Chris Burchell, managing director for Gatwick Express and Southern, said: “Gatwick Express has a global reputation for customer innovation and Express Tracks offers a free journey soundtrack for every customer who books online. We are committed to enhancing our 30 minute journey and creating the best experience for our customers. Express Tracks is an unique collection of music created to accompany a train journey and thanks to these artist collaborations, Gatwick Express is the most exciting way to travel to the airport.”

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