Airport Must-Haves Wish List Revealed

A spot of shopping and a bite to eat can satisfy most travellers whilst they spend their couple of hours in an airport. However, for those who frequent airports on a regular basis, or those poor souls who have been delayed for hours, the entertainment on offer at an airport is pretty much none existent.

Whilst there are many duty free shops to wander around, whiling away the hours can prove boring. So just imagine, if you could have anything in the world, put in your local airport, what would it be?

Well, leading online flight comparison website, Skyscanner, wondered too. And as a result they conducted a recent survey to reveal exactly what would be on a traveller’s wish list at the airport.

The survey which took the views of a whooping 10,000 travellers saw the most sought after thing in an airport to be… a cinema!

Yes, a cinema was voted for as the most desirable item by a massive majority of 49%.

Sleep pods came a close second, receiving 36% of the votes – sleep pod in Japanese hotels, situated close by airports, are extremely popular, whereby business travellers get a few hours shut eye before their next business meeting and flight. Many families wanted to see an outdoor, green grass parks whereby little ones could not only be entertained, but perhaps worn out before their flight too! Gatwick’s child friendly areas in peak summer holidays have proved to be a real hit in recent years.
Fancy a spa treatment to get your body beach ready before your break? Then you’d be agreeing with 30% of those polled in the survey who wished for spa centres and beauty rooms.

Not making the top ten, but worth a mention, was a karaoke machine – can you imagine the dulcet tones of your fellow travellers screaming out across the airport? No, perhaps not! Making this wish list entry only receive 5% of the vote!

So here’s the official Skyscanner Top 10 of the Most Wanted Things In An Airport:

  1. Cinema – 49%
  2. Sleep pod – 36%
  3. Library – 32%
  4. Park – 31%
  5. Vanity area – 30%
  6. Kids play area – 21%
  7. Pool – 20%
  8. Gym – 15%
  9. Man-made beach – 12%
  10. Bikes – 11%

What about you? What must-haves do you think Gatwick needs?

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