Gatwick Airport Security Information

As at any airport, security is tight at Gatwick.

While most travellers are familiar with what is expected when passing through security, there are many travellers who are still uncertain about what they should and shouldn’t do.

Passing through the security areas unprepared can cause delays to both you and fellow passengers if you are caught completely unawares.

So here’s a helpful, quick reminder, on the procedures when passing through Security at Gatwick Airport:

  • As you approach the Security Gate have your boarding card and passport ready for inspection
  • As you approach the X-ray machines prepare your luggage for inspection…
    • All your liquid products, contained in a resealable clear plastic bag, should be removed from your hand luggage and placed separately in the plastic trays provided – your liquids bag and hand luggage can share the same tray to pass through the X-ray machine
    • Remove your laptop from its case – the device and its case will need to be screened separately
    • All other large electrical equipment must be removed from your hand luggage and any casing it is travelling in for screening
  • Remove your coat and place it in one of the plastic trays so it can be screened
  • Remove your belt and place in a tray, this can be placed in the same tray as your coat
  • Remove all loose change from your pockets and place in the plastic trays – your change can be put in a tray along with your coat and bel
  • You may be asked to remove your shoes and pass back through the body scanners if it sets off the X-ray machine when you walk through it.

Gatwick has introduced dedicated security lanes for families and those travelling with reduced mobility. These assistance lanes are clearly marked so if you qualify to use them do so to help you make your way through security easier.

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