Christmas travel advice for passengers travelling from Gatwick

If you are planning to fly from Gatwick this Christmas make sure you are aware of the restrictions for carrying items in both hand and checked-in luggage.

Checking luggage restrictions is particularly important if you plan to carry Christmas presents onboard an aircraft, as you need to make sure that you are aware of what is and what isn’t permitted to avoid having items confiscated at security.

If you are carrying wrapped presents, they must be carried within your checked-in luggage. Any presents carried within your hand baggage must not be wrapped as they are subject to checks at security and may be unwrapped.

Most travellers should now be familiar with the liquids in hand luggage restrictions, after all, they were introduced three years ago! Don’t forget that the liquids in hand luggage rules also apply to Christmas presents, so if you are carrying a present, be it a bottle of champagne, perfume, or even a jar of jam, if it’s over 100ml it must be in your checked-in luggage otherwise it will be confiscated at security. Liquids include perfumes, pastes, gels, jams, preserves, lotions, lip sticks and mascara.

While it is permitted to carry Christmas presents within your hand luggage they must still adhere to the security rules of hand luggage items – no sharp objects, corkscrews etc. Check the weight restrictions of your hand luggage and make sure the size of your bag is the within the size permitted by your airline’s cabin baggage policy – you don’t need the added expense of having to check your bag in to the hold because it is too heavily laden with Christmas presents, or too large.

Seasonal items:

Christmas Crackers
Gatwick Airport does not permit the carriage of Christmas Crackers or party poppers.

Some airports may permit Christmas crackers in checked-in luggage, but not in hand-luggage – crackers may contain restricted items so, where permitted, must be packed in checked-in baggage, and must be factory produced in unopened boxes.

Party Poppers
Party poppers are not permitted in either hand baggage or checked-in luggage. While they may seem to just be a bit of fun, they are an explosive device and are not permitted to be carried at all.

Other items

If you are carrying Lithium batteries, these can pose a fire risk if not wrapped correctly, or the item they are being transported in is accidentally activated during the flight, so be careful when packing these items.

Good that must not be taken on board an aircraft include:

  • fireworks, flares, toy gun caps
  • culinary blowtorches, camping or compressed gas cylinders
  • petrol, lighter fuel, paint, non-safety matches, firelighters

Items that can be carried include:

  • gas powered hair curlers (one per person) – the safety cover must be fitted at all times, however, refills are not permitted
  • safety matches, which must be carried on the person

If you are flying from Gatwick airport this Christmas and want to have as hassle-free journey through the airport, follow the rules, and if you have any questions about the carriage of any item check with your airline.


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