Smile Please – Airport Queues Shortened With Iris Recognition

We’ve all been stuck at the airport, queuing to get through security, feeling like we’re in a never-ending queue.

However, if the World’s airports follow Gatwick’s lead, those queue times could be seriously slashed!

How? Well, it’s all thanks to the biometric iris recognition. Recently Gatwick’s North Terminal has just finished a trial on such technology.

The World’s first official trial has passed successfully and if rolled out across the Globe it could save travellers a lot of queuing time.

Currently, Gatwick’s trial has saved approximately 2 minutes per traveller. Now whilst that doesn’t sound a lot, it adds up when you consider the airport is processing 55,000 travellers a day. Queues will be shorter and move much quicker. What’s more, iris recognition will save around 15 minutes for airport turn-around teams to board an entire plane, which hugely benefits the passengers too.

How iris recognition works is that the airport takes a photo of the passenger when they are checking in their luggage – self-service bag drop lanes are available for the use of iris recognition travellers and here the photo is taken; without any stress or embarrassment to travellers. This photo is then instantly linked to their boarding pass. Then, when ready to board, travellers who have had their photos taken then use dedicated automatic self service gates to board the plane. Verification is achieved by using both the iris recognition and a valid, corresponding boarding card.

For hand luggage only passengers, their photograph is taken as they pass through security.

The state of the art technology will, as well as speed up boarding, assist Immigration and Border Officials checking for illegal immigrants.

With the UK terror status on high alert, it is highly likely other UK airports will follow Gatwick’s lead by installing iris recognition technologies.


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