Gatwick opens state-of-the-art security search area in the North Terminal

Gatwick has opened its 36-million-pound, state-of-the-art security search area in the North Terminal.

The ‘next generation’ security lanes will halve the time it takes passengers to pass through security and enable the airport to screen up to 5,000 passengers per hour.

The new technology has already been installed in the South Terminal.

Each new security lane has seven ‘loading point’ allowing more passengers to prepare their belongings for screening and 17 new e-gates to speed up entry and reduce queuing times.

Peter Lederer, Head of Security at Gatwick, said: “This state-of-the-art facility is the culmination of several years of planning and development and provides us with some of the most sophisticated airport security measures in the world.

“Direct feedback from both security staff and passengers was taken on board when designing the technology to ensure it provides the safest and most efficient experience possible. This facility will ensure we are able to screen 95 per cent of our passengers through security within five minutes.”


  1. Graham Moore says:

    Having just read your article on Gatwick North terminal’s state of the art security system what went wrong on 21 December 2016. Having dropped our bags in plenty of time to get our 07.15 EasyJet flight to Palma Mayorca we ground to a halt in security. When we finally cleared and reached the gate the flight has closed and baggage handlers were separating baggage for those that had apparently not shown up on time.

    More than 60 people ended up at the EasyJet Customer Services desk having missed various flights, but we were not alone, other customers also missed their flights. EasyJet told us it was a repeat of the previous day. We ended up collecting our car, going home to Berkshire and starting out again the next day on a 17.15 flight having purchased new tickets, losing part of our holiday whilst incurring hotel and car hire charges in Palma. So who is accountable?

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