Woman fined for operating Gatwick parking company without permission

A Burstow resident has been ordered to pay more than £3000 in fines for operating an airport parking business on private land.

Millie Stojanovic, of Church Lane, Burstow, ran Airport Direct, a Gatwick parking company, on her land without planning permission.

Ms Stojanovic was issued an enforcement notice in 2004 by Tandridge District Council. The Council received a complaint in August 2010 and, in July 2011, after another complaint, council officers found approximately 50 cars parked on her land – the area covered by the enforcement notice.

In December Ms Stojanovic pleaded guilty to not complying with a planning enforcement notice by keeping cars parked at Old Orchard in Church Lane and fined £3,300, plus costs of £680 and £15 to the victim support fund.

Councillor Gill Black, chairman of Tandrige District Council’s planning committee, said, “This was an ongoing breach of planning regulations and Ms Stojanovic was fully aware of the enforcement notice and the restrictions this placed on using her land for off airport parking.”


  1. Richard Smith says:

    She now trades under ADP Parking is is full of her old tricks. I hear from many dissatisfied customers!

  2. Hi Richard, I’d appreciate an email with more information – info@gatwickblog.co.uk

    Thanks, Paula

  3. It’s a real shame when rouge parking management firms don’t not playing by the rules. It makes life more difficult for the professional parking enforcement officers, as they often get tarred with the same brush.

    Best, wishes Alex.

  4. Michael Lipman says:

    Cancelled my booking on Tuesday after reading the 100% bad reviews everywhere. I was amazed to finally speak to somebody. I was promised a refund by 5.30 that night but am still waiting. I have emailed the owner through Facebook twice and been completely ignored. As was my text to the mobile number on the confirmation letter.
    I have emailed Tandridge Council and Watchdog but still no reply. Last night I sent a letter to my credit card company asking them to refund.

  5. Paul Cox says:

    Because of the adverse comments on this Blog, I cancelled my booking with ADP. My cancellation was within the required cancellation criteria and I was promised a refund, which despite chasing them up twice has not transpired. Their phone, e-mails, mobiles are never answered – caution, the mobile number is the number you are supposed to call when you need picking up, so if it is not answered how can they provide the service?
    I must say that not all parking companies are the same as ADP, we booked alternative services from Meteor and the service was excellent and exceeded our somewhat sceptical expectations, ADP certainly make you nervous of these services, so if the price appears to be too good to be true perhaps it is. I would recommend Meteor unreservedly.

  6. Anyone looking to book Gatwick meet and greet parking should check out the Airport Valet Parking Contractors Association website: http://www.avpca.co.uk for a list of established and reliable meet and greet parking companies.

  7. Oh Dear!

    I too booked with ADP but after reading the reviews decided to cancel. Was promised a refund but despite emails phone calls and a recorded delivery letter (returned by the Post Ofice as the addresse has “gone away”) I am still waiting. I have found two more addresses and so will try them. How can Google allow them to advertise on their site?

  8. Jessica Miller says:

    Hello Simon,

    I to am waiting for a refund but for £2000 for lost key, damage to my car and for taxi’s i had to take when they couldnt find my key, lose of earnings and also for a small claim case but they are not answering my calls, text, emails, fax, letters, couriers, court claims notces. can you please let me know the other addresses you have and any other contact information you have?

    Thank you

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