RS09 car theft – why you should always use a Gatwick Approved Operator

Here’s why you should only use a Gatwick Approved Operator for your Gatwick meet and greet parking.

Book a non-approved parking company and you’re basing your decision on trust; you’re trusting that what the company says on its website is true – after all, there’s no industry accreditation proof to support their claims.

According to its website RS09 offers “the number #1 choice for Airport Parking in the Gatwick area”. However, all may not be as it appears on its website.

The BBC’s XRay programme, aired on Monday (23 February 2015) in Wales, revealed one very unhappy customer who returned home for his holiday in Spain to find that his car had been stolen from RS09’s car park.

The Burns family booked a week’s parking with RS09 in August last year however, when the family arrived back at Gatwick after their holiday, their car wasn’t there to meet them.

Here’s how events unfolded:

  • Mr Burns phoned RS09 and was told that his car wouldn’t start.
  • An hour later, still no car, so another call to the parking company, only to be told a lorry had to be brought in to start their car.
  • An hour later, still no car, only a phone call from RS09 asking Mr Burns what colour his car was.
  • FIVE hours after the Burns family arrived back at Gatwick, RS09 rang to inform the family that their car had been stolen.

Almost a month later, after spending more than £1,000 on car hire, Mr Burns was informed by the Police that his car had been found in a car park near Horsham.

This isn’t the first time the BBC has investigated RS09, nor is it the only non-approved Gatwick Operator to be investigated by the BBC for failing to live up to the promise of “secure parking”.

If you’re looking for safe, secure Gatwick meet and greet parking, you should always book with a Gatwick Approved Operator.

Reasons to book a Gatwick Approved Operator:

  • Their car parks have been inspected by the Police and awarded ParkMark approval – car parks are inspected annually to ensure standards are maintained
  • All employees are CRB checked and fully insured to drive your vehicle
  • Trading Standards has investigated the company and awarded them their Buy With Confidence award
  • Your car will be collected and returned to the terminal forecourt

Don’t forget, Gatwick Airport states on its website:

“Gatwick Airport strongly advise against using any parking supplier who is not an Approved Off-Airport Parking supplier as these other companies may not have any industry accreditation.”

Safe, secure Gatwick meet and greet

Want to book Gatwick meet and greet parking that meets Gatwick Airport’s and Tranding Standards’ high standards? Then book your parking with a Gatwick Approved Operator.

At the time of writing (25 Feb ’15) only the following companies are approved by Gatwick:

  • ABC Gatwick
  • Airparks
  • APH
  • Cophall Parking
  • Diamond Parking
  • ECO Parking
  • Help Me Park
  • I Love Meet and Greet
  • Just Valet Parking
  • Maple Manor
  • Meteor Meet and Greet
  • Ace
  • Tudor Rose

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