Rowfant House lawns become illegal Gatwick car park

The front lawns of 15th century manor house were turned into an illegal Gatwick car park, this is Sussex reports.

During the summer months, up to 200 cars a day were parked on the lawns of Rowfant House, which is owned by the Latvian Church.

Mid Sussex District Council is monitoring the situation after local residents complained.

Mr Locker-Lampson, who lives at Lodge House in the grounds of Rowfant House, told the paper, “The cars were turning up at all sorts of times, including the middle of the night. I know car parking is expensive at Gatwick but this was not a legal parking area and was starting to make me cross.

“I had several conversations with Lisa Porter (the chief executive of Rowfant House) and she said they would be gone. But it took longer than a whole month for the cars to finally leave.”

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