Ideas for Eco Parking at Gatwick Airport?

While airports are constantly trying to encourage passengers to travel to and from the airport using public transport, many of us are loathe to give up our cars, and often, driving to the airport is just too convenient to consider any other mode of transport. Perhaps airports need to accept that they aren’t going to convert everyone and just look at ways to make airport parking as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here’s a look at some ideas for eco-parking and utilising the sun’s energy in car parks:

A fascinating collection of state-of-the-art eco parking has been developed by a myriad of leading, new and pioneering designers from around the Globe.

From a car park where cars are parked underneath a literal ‘forest’ of solar trees, cars parked standing up on their front ends in limited spaces, to a parking island off-shore which generates its own power, the ideas and possibilities are endless – all that limits these designs, in their conceptual stages, is the mind! With these kinds of futuristic car parks, electric cars could be charged by solar power, as would the electric power supplies to operate the car park itself, some of these car parks even feeding unused power back into the main power supply.

Today’s talent of environmental specialist designers and architects bring the idea of eco parking of the future that little bit closer to today.

Whilst many of the above mentioned eco car parks are currently designer blue prints, many designers have created their visions, and eco parking is up and running in the UK and the United States.

Take for example the PowerPark eco car parking that’s been created by Romag. Based in Consett, County Durham, the company has created a parking canopy that can generate around 1,100kWh of emissions free power over a year to charge up hybrid plug-in and electric vehicles that park up underneath them. What’s more, the canopy can produce that amount of power even in areas of the UK are more so bathed in cloud than sun. And excess power is far from wasted; the PowerPark canopy is linked to the National Grid for any overspill of unused energy.

Romag PowerPark

Romag’s PowerPark canopy in County Durham

Computer giant, Dell, has installed CleanCharge solar parking stations in its headquarters in Texas. Green energy is powering up electric vehicles with excess energy lighting up the car park compound from dusk.

eco parking Dell CleanCharge solar panels

Dell’s CleanCharge solar panels in their headquarters, Texas

The car park in the town of Isla Vista, in Santa Barbara, is powered by its 98 solar panels – solar energy that is collected is used to light the car park and operate the pay parking meters on the site. Isla Vista is hoping to increase its panels by another 11 in the near future.

Isla Vista car park

Isla Vista’s car park, Santa Barbara

Perhaps some day we will see these types of eco parking at Gatwick.

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