Horley roads blocked by Gatwick travellers

Residents in Horley are calling on local councillors to impose parking measures to deal with the growing number of Gatwick passengers who are avoiding Gatwick parking fees by using local roads as temporary car parks.

Local resident Jacqueline Tracey, who has has started a petition calling for parking restrictions to be introduced in the area, told the Express that:

“Vehicles can’t get through the road and bin lorries couldn’t pick up the rubbish this morning and delivery lorries also can’t get through.

“What if an ambulance or a fire engine wanted to get through?”

“The strength of feeling regarding parking was overwhelming and many of our neighbours had a story or two about how they had been personally inconvenienced or even received abuse over the parking situation.

“People who park their cars range from commuters, who park 8am to 6pm five days a week, car sharers, airport workers, including pilots and air hostesses and even people who leave their cars in the road for two or three weeks while they go on holiday.”

While it isn’t illegal to leave your car on a public road while you fly off on holiday, air travellers should consider the inconvenience that can be caused to residents.

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