Gold Parking features on BBC Watchdog

The BBC Watchdog programme has, yet again, highlighted problems associated with Gatwick meet and greet parking.

This time it’s the turn of Gold Parking at Gatwick – – there are three sections of the show starting at these times 11:30, 29:00 and 49:00 mins

Just two of the problems highlighted were an extra 1,500 miles on the clock of a car returned to its owner after her holiday, the other was the theft of a brand new Mercedes from the company’s ‘secure car park’.

Watchdog tested the location of the company’s car park with three test parks, none of which involved the use of a secure car park, in fact only one car was parked in any type of car park.

While Watchdog can be commended for alerting travellers to the problems associated with some companies trading through respectable-looking websites, it does nothing to inform or educate Gatwick passengers in what to look for when booking their meet and greet parking at Gatwick.

Fortunately for Gatwick travellers, Gatwick Airport introduced their Approved Operator Scheme last July. In order to become an Approved Operator, meet and greet valet parking companies must:

  • Hold the Safer Parking ParkMark award, for all operational car parks. Park Mark® is operated by the British Parking Association, in conjunction with the Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Hold the Buy With Confidence Accreditation awarded by Trading Standards
  • Have signed Gatwick Airport’s Terms of Licence Agreement.

To obtain a list of Gatwick Approved Operators visit the Gatwick Airport website. As Gatwick says on its website:

“Gatwick Airport strongly advise against using any parking supplier who is not an Approved Off-Airport Parking supplier as these other companies may not have any industry accreditation.”




  1. Sheila Jones says:

    Gatwick Parking Solutions failed to return our car on our arrival back from holiday 2.00am Monday 25th May. Firstly they denied having the car. When they finally realised they did have it they had to locate it, apparently was still in a compound that they shared with another company. When they finally did locate our car the battery was flat so we had to take a taxi home. They eventually returned our car at 8.30pm to our home. We were promised that the office would sort out a refund and compensation today. However I have tried to contact with no luck. Please make sure you don’t use this company.

  2. Paula Garrett says:

    Hi Sheila, What a nightmare. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve forwarded the details of your problem to AVPCA and I suggest you contact West Sussex County Council Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06.

    Although this won’t help you now, I suggest you book a Gatwick Approved Operator for your meet and greet parking next time – more information and a list can be found here:

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