Gatwick Parking Company ADP Parking takes 15 hours to return car

A family had their Christmas holiday tarnished when they were forced to wait almost fifteen hours for the return of their car.

The couple, who were travelling with their two children, followed the instruction from ADP Parking and called the company when their plane landed at 9.30pm. They were told their car would be ready, however, when they exited the terminal their car was not at the pre-arranged collection point. After a 15-minute wait and another call, they were told the driver was at the compound. After another half an hour their car still hadn’t been returned.

1¼ hours after their first phone call, the representative of APD asked if they could take a taxi home – this was not an option, plus they still had to collect their car. After two hours, 11.30 at night, the car had still not been returned, and with two tired children, the couple’s only option was to book a family room in an airport hotel at a cost of £265.

At 12.30am, that same night, APD Parking called to inform them that their car was 10 minutes away. At 1.30am the car still hadn’t arrived. The couple continually tried to contact the company but their calls were not always answered, and when they were, the couple alleges they were subjected to verbal abuse. Tired, concerned for their young children and worried that their car may have been stolen, they asked ADP for the location of their car so they could collect it themselves – the company refused.

At 8am they managed to contact the company and were told to ‘just be patient, we’ve got your vehicle’ ‘we’ll call back in ½ an hour.’

Eventually, at midday, 14½ hours after their plane landed, the couple’s car was returned to Gatwick Airport.

The couple has since received a cheque to cover their hotel expenses.


  1. Having been involved in airport parking and airport hotels for over 20 years through Flypark and unfortunately, I heard too many of these stories like this.

    How can you loose a car which is supposed to be stored in a very small car park for 14 1/2 hours, it is impossible. I could speculate to its whereabouts but leave that to your imagination.

    I urge customers to only to use companies of long standing reputation who only use car parks Accredited by the Police Association for Safer Parking, that call for the highest standards of security and operation.

    If it is too good to be true it often is

  2. Helen Finnimore says:

    I urge anyone DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY….EVER!!!! Sadly I’ve fallen into a different trap whereby my car has been damaged by the company – the office number doesn’t work and no-one form the company wants anything to do with it.


  3. paul simpson says:

    after arriving back at gatwick on the 27th ay 2245. it took 80 minutes for the phone to be answered,it was not until 0130 that my car was delivered we were frozen,panick stricken and totally let down,the staff were nice and we were offered our money back WE WONT TAKE THE MONEY BACK BUT HAVE INSTEAD DECIDED TO LET PEOPLE,KNOW OF OUR EXPERIANCE,all i wanted was my car and bed,we arrived home at 0345.i will NOT ever use this service again.

  4. Bob Mackay says:

    On the 28th of March I tried to book the long term car park at Gatwick whilst we were away for a long weekend (break). Unfortunately, there was a problem with the NCP long term car park website, and after inputing all my details on their website including payment card details it said ‘Problem with Website’. So I looked for an alternative car park, and found ADP parking’s website. They looked reasonable and farily professional so I booked. There were no real problems when they picked up my car, etc. except I never got a copy of the paperwork with the tiny dent on the door (offside) which I pointed out to the rep. Also, there were a couple of scratches on the wheel rims.

    On our return we called ADP on the mobile number as we never ever got through on the main telephone number, and they said they would be there in a couple of minutes or so. After 25 mins we called ADP and spoke to a representative and he said that it should not be long now, it will be on its way very shortly and should be at the pick up point in 10 mins. After another 20 mins we called again, this time we got a girl on the end of the phone, she said that she would call the driver and call us straight back (still awating her call) eventually we called again and and got a guy this time, it seemed a bit sus, as he was very evasive and eventually he said it will be there in 10 mins and apoligised for being late and blamed it on the delays that Gatwick was experiencing etc. We waited another 10 mins when he said it would be with us, we were frozen with the cold and eventually after 1 hour the driver arrived. He was trying to get rid of us from the outset – his mobile phone was ringing continuously all the time and he never answered it. I took a quick look around the bodywork of my car and noticed that a new dent had appeared on the driver’s side door. The driver / rep. tried to say that was there already and I asked to see the paperwork and as he held it very tight in his hand, I pointed out to him that what was noted on the paperwork was the dent on the offside which I new about (due to someones supermarket trolley).
    He then said Ok as soon as I get back I will tell my manager, meantime if you take a photograph and e-mail it to the manager explaining details etc. they will see to it. As soon as I arrived home, I found their website and sent an e-mail to the manager. I am still awaiting a reply.
    I am so sick that I should have read the comments about ADP before I booked with them, and it was purely due to the problem with the NCP website that I booked ADP impromptu.
    Since viewing all the comments for people with similar experience and wondering why no one has done anything about this cowboy company, I can’t believe it, and good job it was not my best car or I may have well gone back found the owner and given him the Glasgow Kiss. Anyway, the way forward is for me to contact Watchdog, in which I am about to do, so hope they contact all the people that have had problems and do something about it.

  5. M Norwell says:

    I too have contacted BBC Watchdog about this company. I have sent countless Emails to them to cancel my booking in a few days time – and I have requested a refund.
    I have had no replies to the Emails and the telephone is NEVER answered.

    Any company that treats its customers this way should not be in business.

    I am also complaining to Trading Standards and I have lodged a dispute (for the record) with Paypal (through whom payment is made).

  6. Nicola Smith says:

    We all have just experienced the complete incompetence of ADP parking. We had to wait 13 hours for our car after having been constantly lied to. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  7. Alan trumper says:

    2am 11-4-2012 ADP PARKING
    I have just had to wait 20 hours to get my car back
    I arrived into Gatwick North terminal at approximately 2am with my 2yr & 4yr daughters and partner
    I phoned ADP parking as we got off the plane
    They said the car would be waiting out side for us,
    30 minutes later we rung again as we could not see our car any
    I spoke to the company owner Millie Stojanovic she said what ever you do stay outside as it is on its way, we had arrived from 26 degrees down to
    6-7 degrees my girls where cold and crying,
    We waited a further 30 minutes and rung back after about 60 attempts to get them to pick up. They kept saying its 2 minutes away, two hours later my kids where dangerously cold she said the car wont start ill ring you back, all lies!! At 3am they told me I could not have my car? As they had lost it? And hung up. After another 20 minutes trying to get hold of them I rung the 101 police number to report my car stolen, they said it was a civil matter and nothing to do with them. I rung the ADP parking again finally getting through and they said the car was in a car compound and they had no access to it between 7pm and 7 am so it was not their fault and I should get a cab home, I demanded they get me a cab, they said they would ring me back and to stay outside so the cab could find us, they never ever ring you back, they then strung me along until 530am before what I believe to be a cab turned up being driven by a 73 year old woman. No child seats. We took it home, ADP parking said they would deliver the car to my home address some 20 miles away by 730am the next morning so I could drop my girls off to nursery and I could get to work.
    I got home at 6:30 am after our cab got lost twice.
    7:30am I rung to see where the car was and was told it would be with me shortly all complete lies, I manage to get though again at 10 30 to be told to F*&K off and stop ringing because it was harassment. From then on every time I got through about one in 50 call attempts, it was a different driver with a different excuse, I finally got through to the co owner Mario Stojanovic and asked him if he was refusing to return my car, he put the phone in the glove box for 20 minutes before hanging up,
    I rung the 101 police number again and they tried to ring the company and was told by Millie Stojanovic that they would return the car between 12-1.
    By 2pm I continued to try and make contact with ADP PARKING, I again spoke to Millie Stojanovic she told me that because I had phoned the police she would now not be delivering my car as they had no car insurance. And hung up. I spent the next 2 hours trying to get hold of them and only when using a different phone could I get an answer they told me I would have to pick the car up at 730pm the following night as it was inconvenience for them.
    I then again explained that I needed the car for my work and dropping the kids off, she said this was not her problem and hung up.
    I again phoned 101 police they spent 40 minutes on two different numbers trying to get through.
    Millie Stojanovic agreed to return the car back to the north terminal for 7pm that day.
    I was at Gatwick North terminal some 17 hours after I had first landed having had to lose a day from work my kids missed a day from nursery I had to arrange a baby sitter for my children while I then got a lift from a friend to collect my own car having already paid for this service from them.
    I was left waiting for another 1-½ hours of excuses for my car before it final turned up muddy and with 18 mile on it. And half the petrol missing from the petrol tank?
    The woman delivering it had no ID refused to talk to me about it or give me her name or show insurance and walked off with out any paper work and refusing to tell me where my car had been kept.
    The airport traffic wardens and airport security have problems with ADP Parking every day, and want them to stop trading as much as I do.

  8. Rosie Fossberg says:

    ADP took 3 hours to return our car, damaged. They tried to cover up the damage by smearing cream of some sort on the damaged area. We also think it was kept further away than we were told as the mileage was 50 miles more than expected.

    DO NOT USE ADP. If anyone else has had problems ring Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06.

  9. Lisa Hunt says:

    We booked two cars with ADP. Having arrived back at Gatwick yesterday afternoon, we tried to call the mobile (which was unobtainable) and the landline which rang and rang. I then went to the address and was told that ADP had not paid their bills and no cars were being released. I then contacted the police. Eventually we got through to ADP and one of the cars was returned to us after four hours. However, 22 hours later, we are still awaiting any news of the other car. The police do not want to get involved because they are saying that it is a civil issue. We have no idea whether we will ever get our other car back. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY AS I WAS TOLD AT AIRPORT INFORMATION THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED SEVERAL TIMES IN THE PAST…

  10. Yep another victim. Been trying to call them since we landed at 4am. They’ve switched their phone off and the police aren’t interested as apparently it’s a civil matter. My car is stuck in a compound somewhere but no one knows where so I’m now stranded at the airport. I will be taking action against them.

  11. Denise MacCormac says:

    This company is completely incompetent and we will be contacting Trading Standards to make a complaint today.
    I booked them against my better judgement as alarm bells had started to ring when I could not get through to the land line when I was booking. A friend said they were ok though so I continued with the online booking.
    Despite calling 20 minutes from the airport on the outward journey they were not there to collect the car and we tried to phone them with no luck. Eventually got through and they said someone would collect the car straight away (we had waited 25 minutes outside the airport with a flight leaving in an hour and a half).
    On the return journey I could not get through despite phoning 4 hours before the plane was due to land to ensure they knew we were arriving that day. The land line was not answered and the mobile constantly engaged. When I did get through after about an hour of constant redialing I spoke to Millie, the Manager and she assured me the car would be waiting but suggested it could be left in the valet parking area if I was concerned and that they would leave it straight away.
    Needless to say no car when we arrived. We could not get through as the mobile was either busy or turned off. Eventually got through and she said the car would be there in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes there was no sign so I managed to get hold of her again. She acted as if she was doing us a favour as she said the normal wait is 20 minutes. We had been waiting in the cold for over 2 hours.
    Don’t ever use this company – they should be closed down.

  12. Heather Hawkey-Soar says:

    Arrived last night at 10.30, got through on the mobile & told to wait 30 mins in terminal. No sign & then unable to get through to them on the phone nos. – went outside & waited 2 hrs in the cold with young son in tears. Asked Gatwick staff & told to talk to Airport Info Desk – they had just received an email about ADP & the problem that cars not being returned. Told us to talk to manager at South Terminal & call Trading Standards, 12 others that night & some previous day had taken 2 days to get cars back. Went to other terminal & spoke to manager who suggested we get get a taxi home, keep the receipt to claim on travel insurance & that Police aware of it all. He said they would locate the vehicle & get it returned to Gatwick for us to collect…but from comments above doesn’t look like that may happen. Any helpful advice appreciated.

  13. George Prior says:

    We arrived back at Gatwick 6.20 pm Saturday 14th April. NO car. After 1 hour and talking to fellow victims made wise decision to go home by train and get a good nights sleep. Now Monday 3.15 pm and informed by the excellent staff at Gatwick airport that car has now been returned to their multi-storey car park.
    Conclusion is: absolutely no confidence in inadequate Police capabilities. Maybe a little bit more bottle from them and the scum who run this sort of company would not exist. The only people who come with any dignity and pride in this extremely unpleasant situation are the Gatwick airport staff who have no responsibility to sort this mess out but have pulled out all stops to get the cars back and place them in their multi-storey carpark driven by their own staff at no charge – Well done. Also to Andrew, someone who has suffered more inconvenience than most of us and has efficiently compiled names and vehicle details to make the recovery of vehicles more efficient. The owner of the ADP M Stojanovic has a lot to answer for. Is the man crazy, a crook or just inadequate, certainly a pathetic p––ck. Good luck to all you still waiting for cars. And for those who are thinking of booking – DON’T, use a recognised approved company.

  14. finally got my car back after 8 hrs! No appology and 400 mile trip going to and from airport and doing the run around. I am also taking action.

  15. Karen payne says:

    Looks like we got off easy with only a 2 hour wait. staff are very abusive – what a nightmare! Why can’t someone shut them down??

  16. After 76 hours we are getting our car back! Yes, 3 days +. I have posted on facebook to try and spread the word warning people not to book ADP parking. They MUST be shut down immediately!!!!!

  17. Another terrible experience for me… Landed at 1.00 am this morning and arranged for the car to come to the terminal at 1.30. Same story as everyone else we basically spent the next for hours waiting outside in the child being given different excuses whenever someone did actually answer the phone. I was told it was sure to the flight delays, that the driver had gone missing, that the driver had turned you but I want there, that the cart had fine to the wrong terminal etc etc. eventually I settled advice from the info desk inside and the lady advised me contact the police as they were aware of the problems. The police told me to go to the other terminal where the info desk there had updated info in the vehicles-this sounded very concerning. This was now almost 5 am and the phone for the company was switched off. In the other terminal I was told that the police had recovered several vehicles from the company and my car was parked in the valet posting section in the terminal. It had Bern there fired 48 hours, I had been standing waiting for for hours abs had been 500m frhis from my car all along. Another gentleman there was not lucky enough to have

  18. Sorry I uploaded before id finished.. He was just stuck without a car and unable to get hold of anyone. It was nearly 6 am by the time I left the airport and then faced a three and a half hour drive home. I got home just after nine and had to miss a day off work due to having no sleep in 24 hours. I want to get my money back but once again they are not answering my calls. Does anyone know how I can get my money back and where I can leave an official complaint?

  19. Diana Jarvis says:

    April 17th
    arrived at the airport at 10.45, started ringing ADP for our car to be delivered.. same story as every one else! after numerous phone calls no answer etc.. eventually our car was returned at 3.30am, home 5am!! on reading this though I think we are lucky even to have our car..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY..

  20. Roy Couzens says:

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!! We arrived back to Gatwick at 9.30pm on Tuesday 17th April – 4 hours of constant redialling both land line and mobile – no reply – spoke to Information Desk who put us onto the Police, reported the situation and given a crime number!!! Today is Thursday 19th and guess what!!! still no car and cannot get through!!! My partner could not get to work Wednesday and had to take unpaid leave – still no car though for work!!! My partner has contacted Watchdog because this company cannot get away with this type of behaviour. I will continue to ring the number and hope to get my car back but I will make sure this company pays. I hope I do not have to meet any of these employees face to face as I will not be held repsonsible for my actions. BOOK THIS COMPANY AT YOUR PERIL!!!!

  21. Andy Miller says:

    We also had problems on 11th April, waiting nearly three hours in the freezing cold with our two children. number unobtainable several times, also told to wait thirty minutes at least three times, not happy at all. We were told that there had been an incident with a police officer but they could not say anymore. When the car finally arrived, it had thirty miles extra on it. We were told that we would be sent a report but guess what? two weeks later and no report. We had a great holiday, but it was ruined by this rather unhappy ending, I have complained through two different channels but again have heard nothing in response. We have called trading standards to ask them to investigate.

  22. Michael Norwell says:

    I am still waiting a refund or ANY acknowledgement from this lot – I cancelled my booking on 1 April. I have sent countless Emails, a recorded delivery letter and attempted to telephone them numerous times.
    Trading Standards can only be contacted through Citizens Advice and are absolutely useless — surely some action can be taken to shut this business down?
    BBC Watchdog aren’t interested so I have tried the Daily Mail and also my local TV news programme – no reaction from them either.
    If enough people write to these consumer programmes maybe the spotlight will be shone on this awful operation – DO NOT USE ADP Parking

  23. to add insult to injury I’ve now received a £70 parking fine form Gatwick short term parking from when I was in Egypt and ADP supposedly had my car! Livid!

  24. Hi – ADP Parking continues to cause havoc to travellers. I was caught on 14th April – also kept waiting 10hrs + 3 hrs the following day.
    I’ve tried Watchdog, sent a registered letter to possibly ? their address in Horley but noone accepts it. I want to make sure these people ( cannot call it a company – without address/email ) do not spoil any other holidays. They destroyed my holiday – we were cold, worried, tired, despondant for 10 hrs after a night flight – these are depicable people.
    How and why do they do it ? for kicks ?
    Any information, advise as to how to close down this company please let me know.

  25. Arrived back on Friday 27/4/12 – still waiting for the car keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No communication from Millie Stojanovic despite several telephone calls & letter. So far hundreds of pounds out of pocket. We all need to get together and do something about this. Please contact on above E-mail


  26. We have a familiar story. We arrived back on April 7; the car was not delivered and we couldn’t contact ADP (they wouldn’t answer) – we had to take a coach home. After hundreds of attempted calls – a few of them answered – I eventually had to return to Gatwick to collect my car 5 DAYS late. I have sent receipts and requests for substantial out-of-pocket expenses to ADPand received no response.
    Cars were, at that time, parked in 3 main locations – a disused garage behind a Toby Carvery, a farm and the Gatwick airport museum; hardly the ‘secure fenced parking with cctv’ advertised on the ADP website. This use of inappropriate locations has been going on for some time. In December 2011, Ms Stojanovic (the ADP front person) pleaded guilty to not complying with a planning enforcement notice by keeping cars parked at Old Orchard in Church Lane and was fined £3,300, plus costs of £680 and £15 to the victim support fund. Councillor Gill Black, chairman of Tandrige District Council’s planning committee, said, “This was an ongoing breach of planning regulations and Ms Stojanovic was fully aware of the enforcement notice and the restrictions this placed on using her land for off airport parking”.
    You may be interested in the fact that PC Blackstock (c/o Gatwick police) is co-ordinating complaints with Sussex trading standards; however – as many of you will have found – this is considered to be a civil matter, rather than a criminal one, as we entered into a contract with ADP. Of further interest, the journalist Ruth Lythe of the Daily Mail is becoming interested in this issue as part of a story about holiday scams.

  27. Update from West Sussex County Council Trading Standards:

    “To report a complaint Call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline. The Citizens Advice consumer service provides free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues. To get information, advice or report a matter to Trading Standards call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06”

  28. This is all a bit of a shame, as we have used this company for several years without a problem, and the young female staff were always polite, cheerful and efficient. But the signs of decline were there in April as deivery was 45 mins late and the staff not ones we had used before and not of the same attitude. Pay Pal seem to be refusing payment instructions from them, so it seems. We had always recommended them before. Perhaps not now unless they clean up their act.

  29. Steph Richards says:

    I usually read reviews on these kind of things before booking anywhere but it looked like a decent website and the price was too good to be true – alarm bells should have started ringing at this point! I booked it and then a day later saw all of the reviews as my other half was shocked how cheap it was so I started digging. The more reviews I read about people’s cars not being returned freaked me out so I emailed and called to try and cancel and get a refund. I cancelled no problem and the lady said a refund was on its way. 4 days later nothing which prompted more emails and more phone calls. 1 week later I got through to a gentleman who advised me someone would call before 10am the next day. this was over a week ago and I have sent more emails and called and left messages to no answer. I have since booked another company twice the price and unlimited good reviews. Am really gutted I didn’t read the reviews before I booked with ADP parking and all I want is my money back! Maybe a call to the Trading Standards Agency is in order!

  30. How lucky were we, we used this firm in May this year with no problems whatsoever, in fact we were going to book again until we read the reports concerning how bad the service was, ah well back to surfing the web again

  31. Well, I am surprised at the comments. I used this company twice and I have to say in all honesty the service was fine. I waited no more than 20 minutes for my car both time and my car was returned undamaged. Conversely though I tried to book again today and their website is down ??????

  32. I had booked with ADP to have my car collected from Gatwick on 31st July 2012. I had spoken to a woman there about 3 days before who confirmed that we should call them when we were 20 minutes away from Gatwick, which I did but only got an answer phone message. I left panicked messages when they didn’t turn up to collect our car and time was not on our side after a while.We spoke to an other airport parking service who told us that ADP was not supposed to be trading anymore and were under investigation from trading Standards.
    In the end we went with their company, they phoned their boss and made us a last minute booking which was a life saver but if we had wasted another 30 minutes waiting for ADP we would have missed our flight completely.
    How can they do this to people? its beyond disgusting.
    DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY, your entire holiday will be at risk if you do.

  33. I, too, have had a terrible experience with ADP Parking and have made a claim through the Small Claims Court – they ignored the Northampton County Court Claim and I am still waiting. This company must be closed down.

  34. We too used ADP in May 2012 – on our outward journey it wasn’t too bad and we only waited about 10 mins for the chap to turn up but on our return journey we had to wait over an hour for the return of our car bearing in mind it was 1 am in the morning and we had a 6 year old with us it was not funny!! I emailed them when I got back to complain and somebody called “Julie” responded to say we could have 1 week free parking for our next holiday as a “gesture of goodwill” but needless to say when I tried to contact them again I have received no response.

    We have just booked with UK Park & Fly for our next holiday and so far so good – if anybody else has used UK Park & Fly your views would be welcome.

  35. Does anyone have Mellie’s (ADP owner) personal address? her personal number is 07598816089 but unfortunately she is no longer answering this number. i am owed £2000 for damage to my car, lose of key, taxi refunds and am having an absolute nightmare, i have now opened a small court claim but no answer after 3 weeks!!. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  36. Went with this company because they were £20 cheaper than those I usually go with. I first became suspicious when I didn’t receive a confirmation email. I tried to ring them to query it a few days later but both the telephone numbers provided were constantly engaged or would just cut off. Was almost like somebody was hanging up on purpose or just left the phone off the hook. I then googled reviews and was horrified at some of the stories I read. I thought “I can’t let this happen to me”. Fortunately something told me to pay with my credit card that day, probably because I hadn’t used the company before and it seemed unlike the others I had previously booked with. So I called my credit card company to see if I could cancel. Too late as they already took the money – naturally! I have requested a dispute and now I am going to book with another company. Fortunately I looked into this before I left for the airport but honestly guys…DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY. The extra £20 is well worth the security of knowing you will catch your flight on time and your children will be safe. Happy holidays : )

  37. G F Sandeman says:

    Last year I was contacted by Tandridge Council advising me that my car was parked illegally by ADP whilst I was on holiday, They were using private property. Very hard to contact them on arrival and departure, late both times and vehicle scratched
    Avoid them

  38. Helen W-D says:

    ADP PARKING GATWICK AIRPORT – Thursday 27th September 2012
    Wednesday morning decided to book Valet Parking at Gatwick for our trip to Hamburg the next day.
    Booked on line with ADP Parking Gatwick – looked like a good company from its website. The price seemed competitive for a “collect from airport” service . Received Purchase Receipt from the company at 8.46 a.m. confirming that we had booked 5 days parking with a payment of £45. Responded to the e mail request to confirm our booking. (PLEASE CONFIRM VIA EMAIL 24 HOURS BEFORE TRAVEL YOUR ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME AND THE TERMINAL THAT YOU ARE DEPARTING FROM) My e mail read “ Confirming that we are departing tomorrow morning at Gatwick South Terminal – estimated time of arrival 05.00”
    As instructed (Please Phone 07895 095393 When You Are 20 Mins Away From The Airport) at 4.40 I rang the company – phone engaged. I tried a further 78 times – phone either engaged or not possible to connect the call. I tried calling the office number on the website too but this was not possible to leave a message.
    Arrived at the airport at 5.00 as arranged. No sign of any driver. Spoke to another customer of ADP who was frantically ringing the company – having been waiting for 20 minutes for the valet parking. He managed to get through on the phone and spoke to someone who said they were having a bit of a problem that morning and would sort things out very soon. He passed me the phone and I spoke with the woman about our difficulty in getting through but telling her that we were now at the airport ready to depart. She told me that she did not have us on the list for collection.
    A few minutes later we tracked down an ADP driver at the airport – he said he was the only driver that morning. He agreed that he would take away the car he was currently driving, come back for the gentleman’s car, then return for ours. He gave no estimated time for that.
    By this time it was 5.20 and we were frantic not to miss our flight. We began to have our suspicions that this is a rip off company, so we decided to go to the long term car park at Gatwick and pay again to park our car for the trip.
    We arrived back at the airport in time to check in and catch our plane (which departed at 7.00)but we were both very disturbed and distressed by the incident.
    When we arrived in Germany we rang the company to ask for our money back – but got no reply. We then contacted the Co-op Bank to ask them to hold the payment from the credit card but were told we were too late – this money had already transacted.
    On Friday 29th, we tried to ring the company again. I managed to get through to someone who said she was the driver and that I should ring the office. The office phone was not answered, and the driver’s phone was permanently engaged after that.
    I wrote to the company on Friday 29th September via e mail asking for our money back. I have received no reply to this email.
    When we returned to the airport we went to the Gatwick Information Point and asked to be put in touch with the Trading Standards Service at the Airport. We were told that there is not an office for Trading Standards in the Airport but if we wrote to the Gatwick Airport Complaints we would receive a reply within 24 hours . The man at the information point was very kind and very concerned that such fraudulent companies are operating from Gatwick AirPort, and he tried to get his Supervisor to come and speak to us, but his supervisor was unavailable.
    We then spoke to a Community Police Officer who was on duty at the airport. He told us that this company is well known to the Police but that there is nothing that the Police can do as it is a Civil matter. He advised us to go to the Surrey Trading Standards to take this matter up further. He also advised us to look ADP Parking up on the web, and we would see the hundreds of postings which complain about ADP and their appalling service. He told us that the Owner’s name is Millie.
    We are contacting RIP OFF BRITAIN (TV Programme) to see if we can expose this on TV, and will also contact the Daily Express reporter mentioned above, and will go to Trading Standards. We have registered a dispute with the Credit Card Company.
    We only lost £45 – don’t get me wrong £45 is a lot of money – but we did not lose what so many of you did. We need to get together and get this company exposed so that no-one else has the stress and pain that we have all suffered in our different ways.

  39. I Have used ADP Parking over the years and have never really had a problem with them, however this year we had to wait for them to pick up our car after giving them plenty of warning, luckily we arrived at Gatwick early so was a slight rush, on return we called after customs as usual and was told they would be there in 10 mins, that went by and another and another, tried calling, there is never an answer in the office and mobile number engaged. started to get really annoyed as we had been waiting 45 mins by now and was getting cold! Kept calling and was told 10 mins again, by now we are starting to worry about the car… I finally got through to Millie who said she would check with the driver then call me back but never did,after making numerous calls and having them hang up on us we were on the verge of contacting the Police. we ended up waiting an Hour and half for the car to be delivered by someone eastern european who just said sorry they where busy!

    Having read the reviews Im just one of many who has cause to complain this company should be reported

  40. I too have had cause to write a negative review with regard to ADP however after now reviewing other previous notifications with regard to ADP current practices i consider myself fortunate that i only waited 40 minutes for the car to be picked up on our arrival and 2 + hours for the car to be delivered to us when we arived back at Gatwick. Why oh why are APD allowed to continue trading in light of a previous legal procedings and why are’nt trading standards shutting them down. Currently i’m awaiting clearance of my returned parking fee to clear, not holding out much hope as it hasn’t appeared on my bank statement after 3 days. Has any other complainants contacted trading standards and what feed back have they got

  41. Simon Lambert says:

    I waited 2hrs 30 mins for the return of my car at Gatwick in freezing rain on 26th September. I was repeatedly told my car was about to arrive and then finally was told that the car would not start – one of the staff told me that he had had to unscrew the floor of the boot of the car to reach the battery but it was still impossible to start it. I pointed out that he was not telling the truth as the battery in my car is not located in the boot – whereupon he told me to ‘F##k off’ and put the phone down! I did finally get my car back but have had no response to my emails and letter requesting the return of the parking fee in exchange for lousy service.

  42. I used ADP in September and had a similar nightmare but decided to put it down to a bad experience. However last week I received a parking penalty charge of £100 from MET Parking Services for parking for an hour and a half in Mcdonalds at Gatwick. This “parking offence” occured just five minutes after ADP had collected my car from me as I departed for my holiday. So much for taking my car to their so-called secure premises! I am now worried that there may be other parking fines/offences that I’m not yet aware of. What an absolute bunch of rip-off merchants. DO NOT USE ADP PARKING!!!!!!

  43. John Rigby says:

    Has anybody else been having problems getting their cars back from ADP over the past few days owing to a ‘dispute between the owners of a compound and ADP’? We landed 8.30 am on Monday and it is now 6.30 pm on Thursday and we STILL don’t have our car back!! Anybody else in this position care to make contact?

  44. Ray Bowdler says:

    John, Yes we arrived back at Gatwick 2230 hrs on Tuseday and were told we could not get our car back until 0900 the following day due to a problem with a gate! We took a taxi home with promise of a refund from ADP for this when the car was delivered to us-We are also still waiting return of car now 2000hrs on Thursday. It was only when I contacted the police at Gatwick that I became aware of the civil dispute you mention . I believe there are 26 vehicles trapped in this way- Not sure where we go from here other than seek legal advice because we feel our car has been stolen with no immediate prospect of return.

  45. @John, @Ray

    You should report you incidents to Surrey Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06

    Good luck in getting your cars back.

  46. Update just received from John:

    I am currently on the train on my way to Gatwick Airport in an attempt to recover my car from the most dispicable, unethical group of cowboys that trade under the name ADP parking! PLEASE share this status so that other people don’t have to endure their lies, deceit and repugnant behaviour that we have been subjected to.

    We landed at Gatwick at 8.30am on Monday (it is now 8.30pm on Thursday – 108 hours later!!) and we rang the number, as instructed, to have our car brought to meet us outside arrivals. After over an hour of trying to get through (and rather worrying conversations with both Gatwick and the police) we finally spoke to a woman who said it would be there within 15mins – sorry it took so long but we must have been trying wrong number – difficult as we were just hitting redial!! Anyway, half hour later no car. Again, numerous attempts later to get through, we were told they were having trouble locating it and we’re looking into getting us into a taxi home. I will spare you the minutiae of every discussion and my wife’s colourful language – which, considering we had two extraordinarily tired 12 year old boys with us, was more than justified! Anyway, after several discussions and under the advice of the police we finally agreed to be taken home in a cab – to Bedfordshire!!!

    We were then informed that the car was in a compound with another 26 cars that was owned by a third party who had locked the gates and was not allowing ADP to retrieve any of them. No explanation was given but we have our suspicions!! We were told by the police that hey couldn’t intervene as it was a civil matter and to try trading standards who were fully aware of this company. Trading standards thanked us for the info and said it would be documented. Both were of little help in getting the car back!!

    We were ringing ADP continually (needless to say never once was a call returned despite numerous promises!) and we were then told it would be going to court on Tuesday in order that the judge could issue an order for the third party to open the compound whereupon they would, of course, return our cars to all of our homes. Tuesday passed – no news.

    When we spoke later on the day we were told they hadn’t been able to get a slot in court but they had one booked and a solicitor for 2.15pm on Wednesday. We would have our car by Wed evening latest. Rang at 4pm Wed to be told they had the car in their possession but they had scheduled it to be delivered on Thursday evening owing to a lack of drivers! Unless, of course we wanted to travel back to Gatwick to collect!

    Thursday came and we were reassured that they were sorting the details and would have it back to us – ‘let me call you back in 5minutes….’ Eventually Richard (the manager we think) said they couldn’t return it to us as the drivers were not insured for such distances!!!!

    We have now been 4 whole days without a car and had 3 elderly parents staying, as well as a 12 year old to get around and to say that we are furious is beyond belief.

    I have been told if I get to Gatwick this evening and ‘call when you are 20 minutes away’ the car will be returned. Needless to say first thing in he morning we will be seeing what legal avenues are open to us but I have to say my expectations are not particularly high.

    PLEASE feel free to circulate this in he hope that ADP can be forced to stop trading as I know from the events of the last four days that we are merely one instance in a long line of customers to have similar experiences! If they are known to the police and trading standards but are still trading then I don’t know what else can be done but if somebody else manages to avoid this then this long status has been worth writing!! Fingers crossed I return tonight with my car!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Having worked in this field at Gatwick for sometime I can confirm the horror stories written here.May I suggest to future bookers that when websites advertise they are members of the Gtawick Valet Parkers Association GVPA this is not a bona fide regulatory body and is actually just a website with 3 members.
    Time after time people we would ask what company they are booked with and they would be none the wiser.
    Follow these steps,read reviews and remember other companies can invalidate another companies repute this way so some are tongue in cheek and should eb taken with a pinch of salt.
    Always ask the collection driver for ID, if he says he does not have any, ask to see his driving licence and write his name and number down.
    Always get a receipt for your car whish has the company’s contact number and ask where the car is stored and demand the address if necessary.
    If you dont know what company has your car and you dont know where it is stored then you are being irresponsible.
    There are rogue companies who offer services that are not delivered like secure storage.
    There also are a lot of very genuine and ethical companies operating so do your research, use google satellite footage of the company if necessary and dont be fooled that cheapest is always best, very cheap prices means a lot of car traffic for the company so they are probably not parking on a secure location, rather look at premium companies as they are much more likely to have a moderate car flow with secure parking as advertised.
    Get the facts and do your research.

  48. Andy Gibson says:

    We have used ADP Parking regularly for over five years and, fortunately, have never had any significant difficulty. Yes, after booking by ‘phone or on their website, they often didn’t automatically send any confirmation, but we were always met at Departures promptly after calling when 20 minutes from the airport and on our return, even late at night, our car was delivered kerbside within a few minutes of our exiting the airport buildings. For years is was always the same ADP driver, a very pleasant young lady who’s name I regret I don’t recall. But on our last two holidays via Gatwick there was no acknowledgement of our on-line order and there were different drivers. We suspected that things were going wrong with the company, however in July 2012 and again in November 2012 we used ADP Parking without any trouble. It seems we may well have been very lucky! I am not surprised to learn of apparently rapid decline of this company, nor to discover that their website is “temporarily unavailable”. Are they still trading? Maybe not. However if they were to come under new management and re-prove themselves there would be no reason not to use them again. The formula for valet parking is a desireable and effective service and should be able to be run on a proper business basis.

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