Gatwick North Terminal parking more expensive than South Terminal

With a strap line of: ‘Airport parking, No one sells our parking for less!’ you could be forgiven for thinking that the official Gatwick airport parking was good value for money and offered a comparable price to alternative non-official options.

However, if you book official meet and greet parking at the North Terminal, you could find yourself paying well over the odds.

An article published in the Daily Mail last week reported that the price of a week’s meet and greet parking at the North Terminal cost almost twice as much as the same service at the South Terminal.

The Daily Mail compared prices for a week’s parking – 3–10 September – and found that the valet meet and greet option from the North Terminal cost £154 while the same service from the South Terminal cost £78.50 – a saving of £75.50!

The cheaper option of self-parking in the long-term car park was also more expensive at the North Terminal than the South.

Not content with just accepting the Daily Mail’s research, I decided to check prices for the autumn school half-term and found that a week’s meet and greet at the North Terminal cost £34.40 more than at the South – £99.60 vs £65.20. The cheapest available parking – self-park long-stay was £45.20 at the North and £38.90 at the South.

So why the difference in prices, after all, it’s the same service, isn’t it? Yes, it is the same service and cars are parked on-airport, so you would think that the prices would be the same. A spokesman for Gatwick told the paper that “prices for car parking are based on supply and demand at the time of booking and our prices are competitively priced when compared to other London airports”.

So what can you do to save money on your Gatwick meet and greet parking? There are a couple of options available:

  1. Use the South Terminal meet and greet and take the free shuttle train service to the North Terminal – the shuttle operates 24 hours a day and it only takes two minutes to travel between terminals
  2. Use an off-airport, non-official meet and greet parking service, which offers valet parking pick-ups and drop-offs at both terminals for the same fee!

When booking meet and greet parking don’t just take the cheapest option, ask friends or relatives for recommendations and always make sure your chosen company has a landline contact number as well as a mobile phone number.

There are some great tips for booking meet and greet parking here. However, if you’re undecided about which type of airport parking you should use checkout our tips for booking airport parking article.

To read the Daily Mail’s article on how parking prices compare at Gatwick and other UK airports click here.

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