Gatwick Airport issues apology for car park choas

Gatwick Airport has apologised after one of its car parks had to close, causing chaos at the airport.

Car Park 6 at the North Terminal – one of only two short-stay car parks at the terminal – has been closed for ‘essential maintenance’.

A Gatwick staff member told the West Sussex County Times, “it is absolute chaos down there at the moment.”

“It is absolutely disgraceful.”


  1. Kevin Larsen says:

    I think it should not happen to anyone. Chaos can cause death among commuters
    I am sure everything is back to normal.

  2. Paula Garrett says:

    Thanks Kevin, I’m sure you have a real need for the Gatwick parking company you’re trying to promote in India.

  3. S Snashfold says:

    I would not use or recommend the South Terminal short stay parking to anyone.
    I came back late last night after 6 days away and found all my Honda HRV central hub caps stolen.
    Then on arriving at the barrier I was stopped and informed that I owed £270 DESPITE being on a prepaid ticket.

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