Gatwick Airport Approved Operator to be introduced tomorrow, 10 July

Tomorrow, 10 July 2013, will see Gatwick Airport implement its surface access plan prohibiting  passenger pick ups from the airport’s forecourts.

The airport’s Approved Operator Scheme for meet and greet parking companies will also be introduced, which will mean changes for customers of some Gatwick meet and greet parking companies.

Only Approved Operators will be permitted to collect and return customers’ cars on the terminal forecourts, or from designated meet and greet areas of the multi-storey car park.

The Approved Operator Scheme, which is a joint venture between Gatwick Airport, Trading Standards and West Sussex County Council, will prohibit non-approved operators from collecting or returning customers’ vehicles on the Gatwick forecourts.

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  1. I work for and have been selling meet and greet parking for years. We only deal with the reputable meet and greet companies and having looked at the list of approved operators, I can’t help noticing a few great reputable operators are not on there. I hope this doesn’t damage business for them.

    Having said that, working in the business and living just 10 Miles from Gatwick, I do understand the real need to put a stop to the high number of shady meet and greet operators at Gatwick.

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