Car caught speeding while “parked” in Gatwick car park

West Sussex County Council is investigating yet another complaint against an unapproved Gatwick meet and greet parking company – one of more than five hundred complaints made this summer.

Holidaymaker, Chris Lynch told the BBC of his “emotional stress” after his car, which he thought was parked in a secure car park, was caught speeding while he was on holiday.

Mr Lynch left his meet and greet parking with Blue Star Parking while he holidayed in Greece. However, upon his return he received a letter from Sussex Police saying his car had been caught travelling at 37mph in a 30 zone – although he was out of the country.

Mr Lynch also claims his car clocked up an extra 150 during his holiday.

It is understood that Blue Star Parking ceased trading eight months ago, although Gatwick Blog cannot find any record of such a company.

Councillor David Barling told the BBC: “We have four investigations running separately at the moment in conjunction with Sussex Police and planning authorities. This seems to have been a phenomena since May.”

If you’re looking to book Gatwick meet and greet parking, Trading Standards along with Gatwick Airport, advises holidaymakers to only use firms approved by the airport. A list of which can be found on the Gatwick website, however, to save you the hassle, here’s a full list of all companies that are approved:

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