6 options for booking Gatwick airport parking

After booking this year’s holiday, spare a thought for your airport parking and consider all your options before booking.

There are lots of parking options available at Gatwick Airport and it’s well worth exploring all types of parking and their convenience, as well as your budget, before booking. The following tips should help you decide which type of Gatwick airport parking to use:

1. Off-airport parking
This is probably the cheapest option that involves you driving to the off-airport parking site and using the company’s shuttle bus provided to take you to the airport – certainly the cheapest option for Gatwick long-stay parking.

Okay, this is generally the cheapest option but it isn’t necessarily the most convenient. If you have young children, perhaps a baby, are travelling with elderly relatives or awkward-sized sports equipment to carry, you may struggle to get on and off the shuttle bus.

2. On-airport parking
How about parking on-airport? This type of parking has the benefits of being closer to the terminal, sometimes within a short walking distance, but do check distances before booking as not all on-airport car parks are within walking distance and you may find you still need to hop on a shuttle bus. Your journey time to the airport will be shorter but you could still have the inconvenience of hauling your luggage, and children, on and off the bus.

3. Short-stay parking
The short-stay car parks will get you closer to the terminal, generally a couple of minutes walk away, however, these car parks are designed for very short stays – hours rather than days – and is reflected in the parking charges. It works out very expensive to park for more than a few hours. It is best to just consider using the short-stay car park if you are picking up or dropping off passengers.

If you are planning to fly at a quieter time of the year, outside of school holidays, check for discounted prices which are only available in advance.

4. Meet and greet parking
Gatwick meet and greet, sometimes referred to as Gatwick valet parking, offers all the benefits of short-stay parking, but without the need to park your own car and much cheaper than short-stay parking.

A major benefit of booking meet and greet parking is that you drive straight to the airport terminal, unload your luggage and give your keys to your parking representative who will drive your car to their car park and park your car for you.

You don’t have to worry about herding children onto a shuttle bus, or struggling with heavy baggage or sports gear, as you can place it straight onto a trolley and wheel it into the terminal.

On your return, your car is brought back to the terminal, so you just walk out of arrivals, load up your luggage and drive off – you will be on the road before some of your fellow passengers have even reached their cars!

5. Return greet parking
Return greet parking offers a mix between off-airport parking and meet and greet. With this option you drive to the off-airport car park, leave your keys with your car and are then transported to the airport on a shuttle bus. On your return, your car is brought to the airport terminal so that you do not have to wait for a shuttle bus to take you back to the car park.

6. Park and stay packages
If you live some distance from Gatwick Airport, or your departure is very early in the morning, you may wish to consider booking an airport hotel for the night before your flight. Many of Gatwick’s hotels, on-site and off-site, offer parking.

Most off-airport hotels will offer parking at their hotel and either recommend a taxi company or can arrange to transport you using their own shuttle service, others have recommended parking providers.

On-airport Gatwick hotels offer park and stay packages. You can even book meet and greet parking as part of your Gatwick park and stay package – with an on-airport hotel you can arrange to have your car picked up on your arrival at the hotel and not worry about parking your car the next day.

Booking your airport parking as part of a Gatwick park and stay package can offer you a great discount when compared with booking your hotel accommodation and parking separately.

Car valeting add on
If you fancy coming home to a clean car, check with your parking provider as some offer Gatwick car valeting services too.

Whatever parking option you choose, make sure you book your airport parking early, and book it online, as this represents the best value for money, offering significant savings on just turning up on the day and paying the gate price. If you have any queries about booking airport parking don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to the company prior to booking.

Extra information:

The Gatwick Hilton Hotel is Gatwick’s only onsite airport offering a range of park and stay packages.

To compare Gatwick airport car parking before booking check out www.helpmetravel.co.uk

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