Why Hackney cabs can’t pick up from Gatwick forecourts

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get an ordinary Hackney cab to pick you up from one of Gatwick’s terminal forecourts?

You’re not the only one. The question was raised by Amin Mirza, the chairman of Crawley Hackney Carriage Association, at a Crawley Borough Council meeting held last November, the Crawley News reports. Mr Mirza also asked whether a rank could be set up at the airport.

Apparently, according to Gatwick Airport’s response to the council, “there is little benefit to the customer from the two companies operating side by side.”

“Having one company provide the service becomes a far more manageable contract than individual contracts with in excess of 250 drivers.

“This allows one company to manage driver issues and, most importantly, quality control of both driver and vehicle standards – a key requirement of the airport contract.

“This type of concession agreement not only provides a good control of vehicle and driver standards it provides a supporting income stream to the airport to allow growth for the future.”

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