Scan your way through Gatwick Airport

In a novel and interactive way to liven up unsightly hoardings covering up construction, Gatwick airport has introduced the ‘Gatwick Discovery Tour’.

In a World first, Gatwick has teamed up with stickybits to use standard barcodes as an audio-visual information tool for passengers with smartphones.

The barcoded stickers, which are placed on hoardings at Gatwick airport, will, once scanned by a passenger, show a short video and some photographs detailing the changes taking place at the airport.

Gatwick is kicking the tour off at the North Terminal inter-terminal shuttle departure point. A video shows how the new shuttle route between the North and South Terminals was built, and opened a month ahead of schedule.

Over the coming weeks and months, more barcodes will be introduced at check-in and just after security in the North Terminal as well as the forecourt areas and immigration in the South Terminal. Locations will be changed and the content refreshed to keep the tour interesting and up-to-date. The aim is to give passengers an audio visual peek behind the scenes of how their London airport is being transformed.

Further information:
StickyBits is a mobile application which uses barcodes printed on stickers to make every day objects scannable by mobile.

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