Record passenger numbers at Gatwick

As Gatwick Airport continues in its quest to become a two-runway airport, the number of passengers choosing to fly from the airport is helping to support its campaign.

Figures just released show that the airport handled more than 3.4 million passengers in May, an increase of 6.5% on May 2013.

European scheduled and European chartered passengers both saw increases of 8.8% and 11.3% respectively, while North Atlantic and other long haul saw more modest increases of 2.2% and 2.4% respectively in the same period.

More importantly though, is the overall increase in passengers: in a rolling 12-month period (June 2013 to May 2014) Gatwick passenger numbers increased by 5.8% compared with the previous 12-month period (June 2012-May 2013). This increase takes the total number of passengers in a year to 36.5 million – a record number at Gatwick.

Speaking about the increased passenger numbers, Stewart Wingate, CEO of London Gatwick, said: “Competition is the single most important driver in delivering the best outcome for passengers in terms of service, choice and price. Today, Gatwick is growing its share of the London market, particularly for business travel, and new airlines continue to choose to fly from Gatwick, offering new routes and competitive fares.

“If we are to provide the next generation of passengers with a diverse choice of routes, better service and continued affordable travel for all then building a second runway at Gatwick is the obvious choice.”

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