New baggage handling systems completed at Gatwick Airport

New Gatwick baggage system

Gatwick Airport has gone live with two new state-of-the-art baggage handling systems supplied and installed by Daifuku Group member Logan Teleflex in conjunction with consortium partner Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions.

The consortium has installed a new baggage handling system (BHS) at the North Terminal extension and a hold baggage screening (HBS) solution at South Terminal.

Both solutions have been designed to allow check-ins to serve any output, regardless of which check-in they are presented at, helping to provide reduced operating costs to ground handling agencies and additional resilience/routing, maintaining baggage flow and helping to reduce passenger queues. London Gatwick processes over 10 million departure bags each year.

The South Terminal HBS distribution system will provide greater flexibility and efficiency than the previous point-to-point installation. It comprises six Level 1, 2, three Level 3 and two out-of-gauge X-ray screening machines and associated systems, including high-level controls supplied and commissioned by Siemens.

Siemens has delivered multiple phases of the Baggage Electrical and Controls System installation to provide additional baggage handling capacity and increase operational flexibility. The project has included the modification of four sorting units and four baggage carousels and the supply and commission of an additional 20 programme controllers to run six new HBS lines. The advanced design of the solution will allow all checked in baggage to load balance and route through any of the six Level 1,2 X-ray screening machines instead of feeding through one dedicated HBS machine into an individual sortation area.

Improvements in flexibility go beyond screening as bags also route smoothly from X-ray machines through to one of four tilt tray sorters, three existing and one new Logan Teleflex TTS; eliminating reliance on specific machinery required in the old point-to-point system. As an energy conscious airport and supporting Gatwick energy reduction plans, London Gatwick will be the world reference site, and the first to operate in large numbers, the highly efficient Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) electrical drive motors that provide 30 to 40 per cent energy savings compared to a standard squirrel cage Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU). Gatwick is the flagship site for this type of technology boasting over 2,500 units.


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