Kent councilor opposes council’s view on Gatwick expansion

Kent County Council has come under fire from one of its councilors after the publication of a consultation document.

The Council’s policy document promotes the idea of building a second runway at Gatwick, a move which would impact residents living in the west of the county who live under the airport’s flightpath.

County councillor Peter Lake, who represents residents living in Edenbridge, Cowdeb, Hever and Marsh Green believes the council should focus its attentions on the Kent airport of Manston. He told this is Kent: “Our ambitions should surely be entirely focused on Manston.

“Members of Kent County Council were elected to look after the people of Kent – so how dare we try to rule the world.

“The concentration of effort should surely be in protecting the people of Kent, particularly in the west where noise issues due to overflying aircraft have created serious opposition to any expansion of Gatwick.”

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