John Menzies tipped to replace Swissport at Gatwick

This is Money is tipping John Menzies to become the largest baggage handling company at Gatwick following the recent baggage fiasco at the airport.

Delays, which were caused by a shortage of Swissport handling operators, saw some passengers wait up to five hours for their luggage and led to Monarch cancelling its contract with Swissport – BA’s parent company IAG reportedly looking for an alternative handler.


  1. Peter Evans says:

    Menzies certainly getting all the positive press but they already handle the largest operation at Gatwick. If they add BA and MON that could be as much of a stretch as that which caused Swissport to have a hiccup.

    It is rumoured that despite issuing termination notice, Monarch have invited Swissport to re-tender. So, they are not necessarily out of the picture altogether.

    Also, rumours being heard that a new handling concession will soon appear at LGW – or, more precisely, an existing airport services company will expand its services to include handling, perhaps sponsored by Monarch or another ‘disgruntled’ airline.

  2. Paula Garrett says:

    Thanks for your input Peter.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out, I just hope it happens quickly for the benefit of the passengers.

    It’s a shame, Gatwick Airport seemed to be making great improvements, particularly at security, however, everytime I land at Gatwick I seem to walk farther and wait longer at baggage reclaim!

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