Hearing loop system installed at Gatwick service desks

Your Service Centre Gatwick, in partnership with Skybreak, has installed its first hearing loop at their customer service desks, located in the South Terminal Zone J & North Terminal Zone D at Gatwick Airport.

The portable hearing loop and visible signage has been installed at the prominent customer service desks since the team at Your Service Centre Gatwick enrolled in a disability awareness session with Enhance UK.

David Williams, Enhance UK said: “As part of their Disability Awareness training provided by the disability led charity, Enhance the UK, Your Service Centre has installed Portable Induction Hearing Loop System for hearing aid users at both their Gatwick North and South service desks. As a profoundly deaf cochlear and hearing aid user I tested and evaluated the portable loop systems at both service desks. I found the systems working very effectively and enhanced communication My colleague and I from Enhance the UK were most impressed with the way the staff at Your Service Centre, who attended the Disability Awareness training, were keen to use their newly acquired knowledge in assisting disabled travellers at Gatwick Airport.”

The portable hearing loop installed at Your Service Centre Gatwick is fully compliant for Equality Act and CQC Compliance and is readily available in a matter of seconds, through a one touch button and high performance microphone, enabling passengers to switch their hearing loop to the ‘T’ position.

Simon Grist, Compliance Manager at Your Service Centre Gatwick, said: “With our easy to find locations on the terminal concourses at Gatwick Airport, it is essential our facilities and services are accessible to all. We decided to enroll our staff on the disability awareness training with Enhance UK and invite them to verify our portable hearing loop to ensure we were delivering our promise to passengers travelling through Gatwick Airport.”

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