Gatwick’s mobile reporters get snapping

If you’re interested in the day-to-day workings of Gatwick check out the airport’s new instagram account where a new team of ‘mobile reporters are snapping away giving passengers an insight in to life at the airport.

On Monday, Gatwick launched a mobile reporters programme – the first of its kind for an airport – which sees staff trained in mobile photography with a view to capturing and sharing airport images while going about their daily jobs.

The first eleven recruits were put through their paces by mobile photo expert Oliver Lang who talked them through the basics of picture composition and editing in a workshop, which included a photo-walk around the North Terminal. The mobile reporters now post images to the airport’s visual news feed, including the Gatwick Instagram, EyeEm and Flickr accounts.

Gatwick’s Instagram account dates from May 2011, making it the first airport in the world to use the social network. Since then Instagram has grown from 10 million to over 150 million active users, with airports being among the most popular locations for people to share photos.

With over 32,000 Instagram posts tagged #gatwick, the airport has been featuring a different user image on the feed every week, as well as ‘live reporting’ events that have happened at the airport.

Look out for the first posts from the official mobile reporters this week, where they will be using the hashtag #lgwmobilereporter.

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