Gatwick to introduce reduced-price residents’ drop-off scheme

If you’re used to collecting friends and family from Gatwick Airport you know it’s no longer a matter of just turning up on the airport forecourt anymore. No, since the introduction of the Approved Operator scheme for meet and greet parking companies, Gatwick made its forecourt terminals drop-off only zones. If you need to collect anyone from the airport you need to enter the short-stay car park and pay £3 for the privilege!

Your £3 fee entitles you to wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. Although some may argue that there shouldn’t be a charge, £3 isn’t much if you’re only collecting your family from the airport once or maybe twice a year. However, if you regularly visit Gatwick to pick up family or friends, these £3 charges soon add up.

Now, Gatwick is considering a residents’ scheme that could see local drivers pay a reduced rate in advance: £20 for 50 entries, £80 for 250 entries.

Unveiled at last month’s GATCOM meeting, these reduced charges should ‘incentivise’ quick pick-ups, as to qualify, pick-ups must take a maximum of 10 minutes on “Express Pick up floors” in the short-stay car parks.

Residents living in the following postcodes look set to qualify for the discounted scheme: RH, GU, TN and BN.

The target date for introducing the residents’ discount scheme is June 2014 and residents can pre-register for the scheme here:

Need more time? Gatwick has already agreed to offer two hours free parking for waiting or pick-ups in the long-stay car parks.

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