Gatwick Shop & Drop Service

If, like many travellers, you like nothing more than starting your holiday off with a little – or rather a lot of –  duty free shopping then you might like to know about Gatwick’s Shop & Drop Service for flights within the EU and the UK.

This service means, that if you buy too much, and it won’t fit in your hand luggage and it’s too much to take onto the plane (you are usually allowed one duty free bag in addition to your hand luggage) you can keep it at Gatwick and pick it up on your return.

Every airport duty free shop offers this service, both in the North and the South terminal. What’s more, there’s no limit as to how many bags you have and things you’ve bought.

Let’s face it, there are big savings to be made in the airport and you don’t want to be lugging bottle of wines and spirits, or clothes and footwear that you don’t need on holiday. So leave your shopping with the Shop & Drop service.

How do you use the Shop & Drop service?

  • When you’re making your purchase simply tell the shop staff that you’d like to use the service
  • They take your details, you are given a receipt and your shopping will then be stored safely
  • On your return back into Gatwick Airport you simply make your way to the Excess Baggage desk – there’s one of these in each terminal building, in Arrivals in the South and in The Avenue in the North. Here you’ll be handed your shopping bags.
  • The service is simple and it’s completely free of charge!



  1. I understand why there is a need for stricter enforcement of picking up in the drop off areas of Gatwick, but most of the congestion was caused by people waiting for some time before picking up their passengers.
    There is now the approved operator parking scheme but the many hundreds of taxis and private hire sector that pick up and drop off each day appear to be totally overlooked.
    It is ridiculous that in cases especially for business customers who just simply are ready and get in the car and go, have to be told “We cant pick you up outside anywhere we have to go in the car park.”
    Because of all the approved operator designated spaces in the car parks. you are often forced to drive to one of the upper floors before you can actually find a space.This costs time and money.Also many of the parking bays are very narrow.
    They seemed to be designed on the assumption that everyone drives a mini or a smart car!
    What do you intend to do about this?

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