Gatwick passenger numbers up 5.5% in January

Gatwick passenger numbers are continuing to rise, as January became the 23rd consecutive month of passenger growth.

Figures recently published show that the airport handled 2,359,100 passengers in January, an increase of 5.5% (124,000 passengers) on January 2014, making it Gatwick’s busiest January.

Contributing to the growth were an 11.4% rise in North Atlantic passengers, a 7.6% increase in other long-haul passengers and a 7.1% rise in European scheduled passengers.

Although passenger numbers were up 5.5%, air transport movements rose by only 0.8%.

In a rolling 12-month period (February 2014 – January 2015) passenger numbers increased by 7.5% compared with the previous 12-months.

Nick Dunn, Chief Financial Officer at London Gatwick, said, “As the world’s busiest single runway airport, we are achieving great things, and our continued investment in optimising every aspect of both the passenger experience and the operation of the airport, continues to pay off. The pattern of growth is set to continue but will come at a price and we will struggle to meet demand in future years.

“When looking at airport expansion, only Gatwick can deliver the economic benefit and the extra capacity the UK needs at an environmental cost it can afford. Gatwick expansion will also deliver more competition between airports serving London and the UK, as well as greater competition within airlines, offering passengers more choice and helping keep airfares lower.”

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