Gatwick: make use of existing capacity to increase connectivity

Gatwick Airport is calling on the Airports Commission to allow greater competition between London’s airports.

It argues that the way to deliver increased connectivity is not through traditional hub airports and that the Airport Commission should not accept the “Heathrow hub” or “new hub airport” arguments, but to allow existing airports to compete for airlines and passengers.

Gatwick suggests that the way forward is to make use of existing capacity in the short to medium term, and that the UK already has excellent air connectivity with London serving more destinations than any other European city. Gatwick itself offers flights to half the world’s fastest growing economies.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport said: “It is true we will need additional capacity in the future. Without it, connectivity will be severely affected and the passenger experience will be impacted by unacceptable delays and rising prices.
“However, relentless suggestions that traditional “hubs” are the answer is misleading. Evidence shows that the London market is predominantly an Origins & Destinations market which means that most passengers begin or end their journey in London. A mega-hub airport therefore would be yesterday’s solution to tomorrow’s problem.

“We must not be blindly led to believe that because some of our European competitors serve more marginal routes to emerging markets, that we are falling behind them or that this is happening because Heathrow is full. If real competition is allowed to flourish, as it has at Gatwick, new routes will be created where there is market demand. For example, already this year Gatwick has added a route to Indonesia, demonstrating that competition is capable of delivering the connectivity needed by London and the UK. easyJet has also added a route to Moscow providing lower fares than the competing routes from Heathrow, again showing that competition is the answer ”


  1. Ian Doyle says:

    Next UK hub s/b at Manchester !

    More central for 80% of the population, has best surface transport links and more domestic connections than LHR or LGW ….!

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