Gatwick Discovery Tour offers insight into airport’s £1 billion investment

If you’ve travelled through Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal recently you can’t have failed to notice huge barcodes daubed on the hoardings hiding the building works.

‘Gatwick Discovery Tour’ is a series of interactive barcodes that can  be scanned by smartphones with the stickybits app, and is a novel way for passengers to keep track on the airport’s £1 billion investment.

Gatwick is kicking the tour off at the North Terminal inter-terminal shuttle departure point – scanning the barcode leads to a video showing how the new shuttle route between the North and South Terminals was built.

Over the coming weeks and months, more barcodes will be introduced at check-in and just after security in the North Terminal as well as the forecourt areas and immigration in the South Terminal. Locations will be changed and the content refreshed to keep the tour interesting and up-to-date. The aim is to give passengers an audio visual peek behind the scenes of how their London airport is being transformed.

Samantha Holgate, Gatwick’s Head of Airport Communications said: “The airport is going through a major programme of improvement designed to benefit the passengers but most of this work is hidden behind standard construction hoarding.

“We wanted to find a fun and interactive way to communicate to passengers about how the money is being invested, what work is going on behind the hoarding and how they will eventually benefit. Many of our passengers are social media savvy so introducing stickybits is a great way to interact with them.”

For a view of the barcodes check out here:

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