EE tops mobile data speeds at Gatwick

Mobile phone provider, EE, offers the fastest mobile network data speeds at Gatwick Airport, a test by RootMetrics has revealed.

EE’s network obtained an all-round score of 97.2 with an upload speed of 17.85Mbps and downloads at 20.40Mbps achieved at Gatwick.

The second highest speeds were recorded on Vodafone’s network – 0.94Mbps for upload and 5.68Mbps for download – achieving an overall score of 86.5.

Other networks: Three and O2 achieved 1.57Mbps upload speeds, while downloads were measured as 3.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps respectively. However, Three’s overall score was higher – 80.5 versus O2’s 74.

The report said: “The core components are reliability and speed. These two factors have the greatest impact on your mobile experience. At each airport, we measure how reliably and quickly each network is able to download and upload data, perform email tasks, and handle files that represent elements of a webpage or app, among others.”

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