Crawley Hackney Cab drivers request Gatwick ranks

Crawley Hackney cab drivers are once again calling on Gatwick to allow them to ply their trade at the airport after the police launched a crackdown on unauthorised taxi drivers “loitering” in Gatwick restaurant car parks and garage forecourts.

Only Airport Cars Gatwick is licenced to pick up passengers at the airport – private hire taxis can collect passengers from the airport’s car parks, but only if they have been pre-booked.

The Crawley News reports that on 1 April, ten drivers were caught on Gatwick land and told to leave,on 7 April, five were moved on, and on 9 April, eight more were asked to leave.

Amin Mirza, chairman of the Hackney Carriage Association fears restricting Crawley Hackney cab drivers from operating at the airport – which is within the Crawley Borough Council area – could see many cab drivers out of work, and thinks creating taxi ranks for all taxi drivers at both terminals would be a fairer system for his customers and drivers.

A Sussex Police spokesman told the paper, “Police at Gatwick are clamping down on unauthorised taxis picking up fares from the airport.

“A growing practice has been identified where taxi drivers, predominantly from London, drop off customers at the airport and then park up close by to await a return fare generated by a mobile phone app.

“Gatwick by-laws only permit authorised private hire vehicles to ply their trade from the airport and unauthorised drivers found to be using the app and unable to prove that they have a pre-booked fare are being dealt robustly, but fairly. “

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