Cabinet Minister Support For Gatwick Expansion

Barely a day goes past when someone supports or objects to expanding Heathrow, or building ‘Boris Island’ in the Thames Estuary.

But Gatwick received a boost this week, receiving high profile support from Cabinet Minister, MP Philip Hammond, the country’s Defence Secretary. His support and comments come as the Government waits to hear the results of the Davis Commission report into the South East’s air capacity problems.

Mr Hammond said a second runway at Gatwick, a proposal put forward late last year by the airport, could solve the capacity problem in the region. Currently, the Department of Transport forecasts that for the South East will reach full capacity by 2020, so something needs to be done.

The time, not to mention money, to build a new airport and the surrounding infrastructure will take far longer when the serious capacity problems kick in – in just seven years time. Many aviation industry heads and business figures worry that the lack of capacity will seriously damage the UK’s economic recovery.

Mr Hammond also supports a second runway at Stansted – after the additional Gatwick runway is built – saying a Gatwick runway would ‘provide decades worth of passenger growth capacity’ and two additional runways at two separate airports – Gatwick and Stansted – would ‘prevent a disastrous closure of Heathrow’.

The Defence Secretary strongly objects to expansion at Heathrow, along with what he described as the ‘fanciful’ Boris Island suggestion by London Lord Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport, as well as the busiest single runway airport in the world!

Gatwick offers the largest choice of carriers – including budget, scheduled and charter airlines – and destinations than any other UK airport and is arguably the UK’s airport of choice.

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