Boris Island Airport hub unveiled

As Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports all compete to gain fadditional runways, plans for a new UK airport hub have been unveiled.

The plans, a futuristic hub style airport, have been unveiled by the Thames Estuary Research and Development group (TESTRAD).

Dubbed ‘Boris Island’ due to the overwhelming support from London Lord Mayor, Boris Johnson, the new airport hub would be built in the Thames Estuary in Kent.

These are the second plans to be submitted for the proposed new Thames Estuary airport. The first plans, for a four-runway airport, were presented by architect, Norman Foster two years ago.  TESTRAD’s submission offers six runways.

TESTRAD’s plans are also supported by Mayor Johnson, who has publically snubbed Heathrow expansion plans, saying that by expanding Heathrow millions of Londoners would be exposed to unacceptable levels of noise pollution.

The new airport, named London Britannia Airport, would be in direct competition with Heathrow Airport, which is currently operating at 99% capacity. Heathrow has also submitted their own plans to expand to three runways, citing that the country, and airlines, could not support two hub airports.

As well has having six runways, TESTRAD’s London Britannia Airport would include green space inside its terminals, including grass and tree areas, and cost £47 billion and create 200,000 jobs. It’s expected that, if the new Thames Estuary Airport was built, it would end in the closure of Heathrow.

Airport and UK aviation heads have claimed that the Government’s delay over air capacity is costing the UK millions of pounds worth of business, as airlines move operations to competitor airport hubs across Europe.

Currently the Government is awaiting advice and suggestions from their independent report into the Country’s air capacity problem. Suggestions which will include expanding Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, plus other London airports, and possibly regional airports too. The Davies Commission is due to reveal its initial findings and recommendations at the end of this year, with its final and full report presented to the Government after the next General Election.

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