SMEs favour Gatwick expansion

The results of a recent YouGov poll indicate that small- and medium-sized businesses are in support of a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

A total of 40% of SME leaders running manufacturing and construction firms were supportive of an extra runway at Gatwick, compared with 32% in favour of expansion at Heathrow.

Gatwick Airport CEO Stewart Wingate said: “An expanded Gatwick will deliver more competition and choice and, crucially, for businesses across the UK, it will have the dual benefit of better connectivity to London as well as a stronger network of airports around the country.

“A strong network of airports around the UK will provide cheaper airfares, more choice and better services for all travellers. A third runway at Heathrow, however, would restrict competition, reduce choice and connectivity, and restrict the growth of airports outside London.

“Expand Gatwick and the country gets two world-class gateways within a competitive network of airports and everyone will benefit from cheaper airfares through vigorous competition.”

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