Gatwick v Heathrow after Boris Island ruled out

Gatwick is set to go head to head with Heathrow in the battle for airport expansion after the Boris Island option was ruled dead in the water by the Airports Commission.

Boris Johnson’s plans for an airport in the Thames Estuary, nicknamed “Boris Island”, has not been shortlisted as an option by the Commission, which will make its recommendations on airport expansion to the government in the next parliament.

Responding to the announcement, Gatwick Airport Chief Executive Stewart Wingate, said: “This is an important juncture in the aviation debate because now Britain’s choice is clear; expand Gatwick and support genuine competition, lower fares and greater choice for passengers or expand Heathrow and return to the stale monopoly of the past and watch the cost of going on holiday, travelling for business and exporting goods and service go up.

“We believe Gatwick has the strongest case. It is the only option left on the table that can be delivered with more certainty than either of the Heathrow options, and it can be delivered without the significant environmental impacts expansion at Heathrow would inflict on London. It can be delivered faster than any other option, and at low cost and low risk.

“Furthermore, expanding Gatwick will ensure the UK is served by two successful world-class airports.”

The response from Heathrow Airport came from CEO, John Holland-Kaye, who said: “We have always agreed with the Mayor that Britain needs a successful hub airport to compete in the global race for jobs and growth. Heathrow is now the only hub left in the race. We would like to work with the Mayor to deliver Heathrow expansion in a way that benefits the whole country while reducing noise impacts for local people compared to today.”

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