Gatwick tackles Heathrow on surface access costs for new runway

While we all await the Government’s announcement about which airport will be given the green light for expansion, Gatwick is still fighting its corner.

The airport has tackled Heathrow Airport about its budget for a third runway after the Transport Minister confirmed that all airports must pay for road and rail improvements.

Making Heathrow pay for all road and rail improvements required for expansion would cost a further £6 billion, claims Gatwick.

Gatwick wants Heathrow to explain the shortfall, claiming that it (Gatwick) has already budgeted for the improvements required for any surface access costs that will be required for a second runway by 2021.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport, said, “There is now a £6bn black hole at the heart of Heathrow’s plan. Heathrow has said it won’t meet the bill and the now the Government has done the same.

“As we approach a decision on expansion, Heathrow owes taxpayers, passengers, airlines and Government an explanation of how they plan to meet it as this cost increase alone is almost the entire cost of the Gatwick scheme.

“In stark contrast Gatwick’s plan is financeable and deliverable with none of the environmental challenges that would effectively make expansion at Heathrow unlawful.

“It is becoming clearer by the day that if we actually want something to be built and Britain to get the benefits then Gatwick is the only credible option.”

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