Gatwick: second runway will be privately financed

While the debates and arguments continue over whether it should be Gatwick or Heathrow that is allowed to expand, Gatwick has announced that it will not seek a penny of taxpayer money if it gets the go ahead to add a second runway.

The airport claims a second runway will be entirely funded by private finance, whereas, adding a third runway at Heathrow will require £5.7 billion of taxpayer funds.

Gatwick Airport CEO Stewart Wingate said: “We have given a guarantee to Government that we will deliver our second runway project by 2025 and we won’t ask for public funds to help us do it.

“In contrast, Heathrow needs more than £5 billion from the taxpayer for tunnelling of the M25, major work on the M4 and A4, and many rail improvements. The taxpayer is essentially being asked to pay twice for these projects – once through their taxes and then again through the many years of disruption they will cause.

“By choosing to expand Gatwick, the UK gets the extra runway capacity it needs – with the economic boost that it will bring – while allowing the Government to fund other projects up and down the country that will benefit everyone, not just Heathrow.”

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