8 Solutions wins five year specialist deep cleaning contract for Gatwick Airport’s Data Centre

8 Solutions, the UK’s leading data centre healthcare company specialising in the deep cleaning and decontamination of critical environments, has won a five-year contract to provide technical cleaning services for the data centre at Gatwick Airport.

In May 2011, the company won a five-year contract to be Gatwick Airport’s supplier for critical facility cleaning services at 28 sites, however, the new contract will increase their remit to 33 locations.

John Blythman, Data Centre Manager at Gatwick Airport, says: “The regular deep cleaning of our facilities is absolutely essential to the smooth running of our technical locations at Gatwick. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism, dedication and skill of 8 Solutions’ technicians and we welcome them to the airport.”

8 Solutions is ISO 14644-1 Clean Rooms and Associated Controlled Environments accredited, but there is no mandatory enforcement of this standard in the UK.

Specialist deep cleaning improves the performance, power consumption and longevity of expensive IT equipment.


  1. Really pleased to see our friends in the north winning this contract!

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